Clash of Clans: 5th Builder All Around

Decided to say fuck it when it came to the 5th Builder on my two other accounts. The progression was just too slow and I felt that with the normal season half way through now it was time to speed things up so that I can potentially take advantage of it soon. So while I only have a single account at TH7, I plan to push the other two to TH7 by Monday and probably Tuesday or Thursday respectively.

Most of my focus has been dedicated to my TH7 for the time being. I managed to secure the Barbarian King and just started to level him up to 3. Since there’s another 20k of Dark Elixir in the season, I’m going to try my best to secure that so that I can get him to level 5 before the end of the season/month. I might run up into a resource wall soon though where the seasonal bank gets filled up. While a TH7 probably won’t be able to fully utilize all 25 million in resources at the end of a season (if an account can get that far), it almost seems worth it on a theoretical level just because you know you will be able to max out your Walls and all your buildings for certain at this level. Plus, having access to that much resources will definitely make transitioning into TH8 easy except that TH8 is where people really start to smack you around with the Dragon or PEKKA smash attacks.

Another major thing I was able to do on my TH7 was upgrade my Hog Riders to level 2. This to me was equally critical as obtaining the Barbarian King. Since you get a 3 day boost for troops and resource collection, I knew that the Hog Riders were going to be imperative to grabbing just because of how that extra level would mean a lot on top of the anxiety of getting enough Dark Elixir while trying to defend against attacks. Most attacks at this level will be 100% against your base so you have to prioritize your upgrades. Like in my case, getting the Dark Elixir storage was important since it’s the gateway to the Barbarian King and your other Dark Elixir Barrack upgrades.  Similarly, getting the Dark Elixir Barracks immediately was another huge priority. The Barrack upgrades were important too but at this level, Dragon attacks won’t be as reliable without enough Lightning spells to take out Air Defenses. And getting the donated one is HUGE because of the upgraded level.

I still would like to get to TH8 or 9 by the end of the month. I think that progression is going a little slower than I had hoped and I probably should have bought the two Builders earlier for my other two accounts. But at this point, I can’t say much. It will be a real pain to slog through TH7, even though we get access to Dragons. But I do have a working army composition with Hog Riders as long as I get the right base layout. The real dilemma in TH7 is getting that initial 5k Dark Elixir for your first Hero. Once you obtain that, things don’t feel as harsh.

That said, I’m beginning to think I might have to rush my TH7 to TH8. If I can get access to the Rune of Gold, then I’ll have to use the one I have now from the initial early Town Hall challenges. With that much resources, I feel that I should just get the basic stuff upgraded so that I can get into TH8 and go ham there rather than wasting too much time in TH7. The real keys for TH8 are getting the Dark Spell Factory and the Clan Castle upgrade sot that you can get 8 spells with one being an overpowered Lightning spell as a donation. In receiving those items, then you just have to ensure your Dragons are properly leveled up, you have all four Barracks at level 9 so that producing Dragon troops is easy, then you find good layouts to destroy Air Defenses and you win.

One thing I started to do in looking ahead was upgrade two of my Barracks on my main TH13 account. Since Clan Castle at TH8 can give 25 housing space, you can donate a Dragon Rider which is better than a slow Dragon. The Dragon Rider goes for defenses so I’m thinking that it might be a good potential unit against the 3rd Air Defense at that level. Ultimately, I have to get to that point on the two accounts and experiment a little but I think I have a pretty good base plan moving forward and having a way to farm at TH8.

Also, I’m hoping that if I can get my other two accounts to TH7 I will be able to start Clan Wars going. I’ve read about how low level clans don’t match up easily but from TH7 and on, it’s a lot easier. I still think the big disparity between my Clan levels is what will cause issues on matchmaking. But I figure in the next two months, I should be able to get those three accounts to TH10 which will permit a variety of things to open up.

The last topic I wanted to discuss is getting a 6th account. Right now, I think it’s a bad idea for me just because I’ve spent too much for a single month on this game. Next month I anticipate doing the Season Pass but I have no idea how many I will do. It really depends on how far my three newer accounts get to. I think TH9+ start to benefit but it gets harder to justify at the lower levels since upgrades aren’t that long. A 6th account might end up being hampered because of how I might not spend for the 3rd and 5th Builders. On the other hand, the pressure to push one to TH7+ won’t be there since I have three other accounts to eventually focus on higher level activities. A 6th account is mostly going to be used as a “stand by” account; meaning filler for time since it’s easy to upgrade things and will eventually be something I can swap between accounts if/when I participate in a war. Otherwise, it would make for a good leech account for other things. At any rate, I still want to see how my three new accounts will fare towards the end of the month.

I will say that I enjoy having the extra accounts. They help keep me distracted from my main two because those accounts are just plain slow to play. I figure once the three new accounts get into TH9+, they eventually slow down too and I will become bored which will lead towards more accounts. But I need to get to that point first.


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