Clash of Clans: Arduous Progression

I rushed my TH7 base a bit using gems to get many of the longer upgrades complete, including a Book of Building to quickly upgrade my Spell Factory, which I viewed as one of the most important upgrades for this Town Hall level. At the end of all this, I managed to plop down all the new buildings as well as gain access to Dragons, the Rage spell and Hog Riders and even the Barbarian King. Right now, I have moved to Hog Riders as my primary troop since many bases that I’ve been encountering have higher level walls that are much harder to penetrate. While I could use Dragons, without a minimum of 8 Lightning Spells, Dragons tend to be weak at this stage due to the triple threat Air Defense. So for now, I’m mostly attempting to improve my understanding of Hog Riders, which also helps me prepare for their usage for my higher level bases.

Besides, the Hog Riders, I’m also using Archers and Wizards to help mitigate any air troops like Dragons or Balloons. For my Clan Castle troops, I’ve gone with 3x Miners and 1 Minion. Probably, I should switch this combination to pure Hog Riders since Miners at this level and group size aren’t as effective compared to Hog Riders. But part of this is practice for later stages in the game. Also, I’m using all Healing spells at the moment as that is the spell of choice with Hog Riders.

The last item of the day that I bought was my first Hero, the Barbarian King. That one was a little stressful because I didn’t have access to much Dark Elixir and I needed the Dark Elixir storage to up my total space available. Now, that I have those things, I can start focusing on upgrading my Barbarian King. Initially though, I am planning to push my Hog Riders up to level 2 just because they are absolutely vital at this stage. I already had started a Dragon upgrade in preparation for my later plans that will manifest at TH8. Also, I needed to dump 1million worth of Elixir some where. But once the Dragon upgrade is close to completion, I’ll either gem the rest to finish it off and/or get my 4x star bonus and possibly use that for upgrading my Hog Riders. Anything left over will spill on to the Barbarian King.

Because I plan to upgrade my Barbarian King all the way to level 5, I will have to push my Dark Elixir storage up quickly too. Unfortunately, that will compete for some resources against my Army Camp. Once both are done though, I can swap to the remaining Barracks so that I will eventually have the option of using Dragons without the significant time penalty.

One nice thing about upgrading to TH7 is that the season perks become available. Now, I am considering purchasing the Season Pass for this account. However, in truth it’s not very useful at this stage just because the time factor is more of an annoyance than a complete hazard while my resource storage units for both the normal base and Builder Base are subpar so they can’t really make use of the excessive resources from runes. Even the Book of Heroes really does not come in handy at this stage just because the first few levels of upgrading ones Barbarian King takes mere hours. If this were a TH11+, then this whole thing would be a far different story.

Now, earlier I had been pondering whether to pick up the 5th Builder for my 4th account. So far, I’m holding off just because I did not feel I earned it just yet. My promise to myself has been to hit 60 minutes on the Elliptical while waiting a few days after making that purchase at the market. That way I’m not purely splurging. That said, I did manage to hit 55 minutes on the Elliptical today and plan on going again on Saturday. Since I had no problems doing 55 minutes today, Saturday will probably be a guaranteed 60 minutes. If I manage that, then I’ll treat myself to the 5th Builder. But for now I needed to exercise some small amount of discipline.

My other two accounts are progressing well. My main account managed to push my Grand Warden to level 45. Since I have one more Book of Heroes to be earned for the season, the plan is to use the Dark Elixir rune to get my Barbarian King up to level 60 unless I miraculously acquire enough Dark Elixir on my own. In that unlikely situation, I’ll just save the Dark Elixir rune for my Archer Queen. I might be able to get her to level 70 by the end of the season. If that happens, I’ll be very pleased since leveling her up is brutal.

For my 2nd account, not much else is going on. I’m close to having my Grand Warden there hitting level 30. I think once I finish the season challenges, I should have enough resources to get him to level 30. That will be a huge milestone. Then next season I’ll try to focus more on my Barbarian King, although I am not adverse to pushing my Archer Queen all the way to 65. If that happens, I won’t have to worry about her until TH13.

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