Clash of Clans: Started A TH7

With very little to upgrade besides resource collectors and Walls, I decided to boost my 3rd account to TH7. I felt this was an appropriate moment as not only having all my defenses, research and primary buildings completed in upgrading for the level, I kept getting attacked by superior forces and losing. In addition, that account has the initial journey complete and can start the Season upon hitting TH7 from what I’ve learned. Although it’s not too late to get into the current season, most likely I won’t be able to complete it because of how late I started. If this account had been upgraded to TH7 in the first few days of the season, then it might’ve been worth the effort. That said, I’ll have to consider whether or not to purchase the Season Pass too.

In looking at this season for a TH7, there’s not a lot of good incentives to pick up the Season Pass. Probably the only thing worth getting is the Builder Base gold rune for later usage. But it feels like a complete waste on a horribly underleveled Builder base. The other potentially useful aspect is the Season Bank at full strength but for a TH7, it feels like overkill because of how little one would be able to upgrade with just 5 Builders. I do think by the time this season ends, this account should be at least TH8 so the normal Season Bank reward should be decent enough.

Just from a theorycrafting viewpoint, I feel that the Season Pass purchase probably isn’t worth the purchase until TH9. The reason is that, at least for this season, you get two Books of Heroes and no Book of Building, which would be far more useful at this stage. From the end of the starter reward perks, I already have claimed my Book of Building and will most likely use it on the Spell Factory since it takes 2 days for an upgrade. And for a fresh TH7, those 2 days without spells will be a huge deal. Also, getting those 6 spells for your attacks will be huge at this phase as TH7 starts to beef up.

I did use my Builder Potion to try and rush completion of the TH7 though. It is a good 18 hours so I’d like to see it done sometime today. I might make an attempt to rush to TH8 so that I can get PEKKAs, the Clan Castle level 4 and the Dark Spell Factory. That way, I’ll have 25 Housing Space of troops for my Clan Castle and 2 more spell slots for a total of 8 spells along with access to the Trader. I feel that TH7 will be very painful with facing attacks from Dragons, Hog Riders and possibly PEKKAs. And though you get access to Dragons, you will face three Air Defenses and the Air Sweeper, which will make attacks a lot harder until you can upgrade your Barracks, Dragons and Lightning spells. Also, I don’t think 6 Lightning Spells are sufficient to take out the Air Defense at this level so you have to get lucky with bad base layouts that cluster Air Defenses together in being able to take all three out simultaneously.

Right now I think once I hit TH7, while I will try to use Dragons at some point, I might actually go for Hog Riders. I think you’ll end up doing better with them as you can just throw out Healing spells and spread them around the base. Plus, you can pile in an additional 4 in the Clan Castle that should be a bit higher level than the ones you use (especially at the start). That will mean that any air troops stored in an enemy Clan Castle will be an issue but I think the answer to that would be to keep a batch of Archer to take Clan Castle troops out after sending in a test trooper to draw them out.

For my other two bases, I’m still just going through the motions. Roughly, I estimate they are behind about 2 and 4 days respectively. That partly is due to lacking the 5th Builder. But again I’m trying to avoid buying the 5th one at this stage at least until I get a few days in between my last spending. Maybe if one of my bases gets close to TH7, I’ll think about it. Otherwise, it feels unnecessary at this stage. However, I will admit that 2k gems to purchase a Builder is insane at this point.

One thing I did realize is that my Grand Warden on my TH12 can hit level 30 this season. I still have one unclaimed Book of Heroes left so by the time I obtain it, I should have enough resources to push my Grand Warden to level 30. That will be pretty huge. Then next season I will try to get my Barbarian King to level 55 if possible. But I doubt that the shop will have two Books of Heroes.

At any rate, this should be good. Can’t wait until I can make some progress on the TH7.



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