Clash of Clans: Another TH6

Decided that there wasn’t a lot more to upgrade with my 5th account so I ended up starting the TH6 upgrade today. With that getting a kick in the pants, I’m looking towards my 3rd account and trying to figure out when a good time will be to push it forward. I do have a few defenses that will probably take another day to upgrade but the rest of the base is pretty meh with just resource collectors and Walls as my last remaining major parts. So I am tempted to make that push tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is whether or not I should purchase the 5th Builder for the remaining two accounts. I know for certain that’s helped a lot for my 3rd account in why I’ve been able to get it up faster. But at $10 it’s a hefty consideration due to my financial state. I have the money but the real issue is discipline and whether or not I should go all in or wait. After all, the really big Gem rewards like Champion League or the Builder Hall trophies one will take a good chunk of time.

One thing I have to admit is that at least in comparison to Lost Ark, what you pay for is what you really get. Buying a Builder for money is not a bad deal compared to buying honing materials for a chance to get an upgrade or not having the ability to use the remaining materials because of some stupid bind on character rule that makes no sense. Of course, the real goal in all of this is to push my accounts as fast as possible so that I know I will be able to get at least Tier 3 rewards for the next Clan Games.

And the reason why I keep going on about Clan Games and these tiered rewards is that not only does it provide some level of utility, the real goal is to level up my clan. I keep accumulating Capital Gold but have no means of using it. Similarly, I have no idea if it goes straight into the ether and is a complete waste of my season perks. And the thing about the Clan Capital which makes it so critical is that I’m missing out on some huge rewards from Raid Medals. Not all the potions are great but some things like the Research Potion are universally useful while Builder Gold and Elixir would immensely help my lower level Builder Bases. So getting my Clan leveled up is the most imperative thing in my mind.

Also, leveling up my accounts fast I think will help allow me to participate in Clan Wars. I’ve tried several times to start one but the search takes forever. I read that it can take hours which is just a complete waste of battery life. At this time, I wonder if the disparity between my Town Hall levels and size of my clan prevents me from easily matchmaking opponents. So I figure that most people who get involved in Clan Wars are of higher levels which I imagine would primarily exist from TH9+.

Beyond that, I’ve been getting more requests from random people to join my clan. Because I run a closed clan, I tend to dislike people from joining. I’m guessing these people are leeches and/or bots that might attempt to hijack my clan or cause some sort of disruption. I think before I’d be willing to open my clan up to outsiders, I would prefer to get a few friends to join. I’ve had issues in Boom Beach where someone attempted to hijack my Task Force which pissed me off. After that, I permanently closed it off.

But I’m thinking that if I do pay for another Builder, it would be at the point where I slow down too much. I think at least around TH7, I might decide to go for another one on my other two accounts. TH7 just has too many things to build and upgrades where time starts to become a debilitating factor. But at least with TH7 you get Dragons which will make the effort worth it. Maybe I’ll wait and see how my first TH7 does initially because we’re close to the half way mark for this month, which means that it could take at least a week before my 3rd account can get to a reasonable stage once it hits TH7 and is ready for TH8.

Another thing though that might affect my near term Clash of Clans play is that Diablo 3 PTR is coming out today. So I’ll be preoccupied with that for at least two weeks. Also, I need to hit the gym before that starts so I can continue improving my cardio. The good thing about having a D3 PTR for me at least is that my temptation to make Clash of Clans purchases will be significantly lowered as my mind becomes obsessed with something else. The only thing that would change that aspect is if I can find more people to help my Clan, especially friends who are into it. But I think Clash’s age pretty much make it unpopular by everyone who already isn’t that into it.

On the other hand, for my main account, I managed to get my Grand Warden to level 45 and my Barbarian King to level 59. I pretty much used up various Books to get that all worked out but in the process killed most of my resources off. I started upgrading my Siege Barracks to level 3 as my long term plan of doing the Hybrid Hog/Miners slowly is starting to shape up. The good thing is that for my Siege Barracks, I now have both maxed out Wizards and PEKKAs. That felt really good as a major accomplishment. I wanted to upgrade my Bowlers too but felt that the cost wasn’t worth it. Instead, I might just wait until the end of the season to use my Dark Elixir season bank rewards for that. That way my Rune of Dark Elixir will go to my Barbarian King as will the last Book of Heroes from the reward list.

My TH12 account is going well. The slowest thing to progress are the heroes. Since my Ice Golem + Witch attack has done so well without the Grand Warden thus far, I might just continue pushing him up the ladder until he’s level 40. Definitely to level 30 within this season. The key for this combo is just the base layout along with finding a good dead base to attack with nice resources. I think the removal of troop costs has helped immensely in this regard. At this rate, I feel I can get to TH13 in 2 months at least. I think the good thing since starting 3 more accounts has been my improved overall patience. Now, I don’t feel as pressured to keep pushing these accounts all the time. I can spread my focus more. Which brings me to….

I’m now becoming more convinced of starting a 6th account. If I manage to get into a position where I can have Clan Wars, I think one of the chief advantages of having a large number of members is that you can rotate accounts in/out of Clan Wars. What this means is that in the long term, once you get into the higher Town Hall levels, you probably will have days where some accounts aren’t ready. So the accounts that aren’t ready can swap with those accounts which are ready. Also, just with regards to Clan Games, I think even if you’re not going for more rewards, at least it’ll put less pressure on having each member try to hit every challenge, which might be out of reach for low level accounts.

So if I start a new account, the real question becomes when. With the D3 PTR online now, I think it’s not a good time. I’d prefer when I have more time to do something like this. Also, more money. Not to mention being done with my novel so I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

One thing I’m thinking about though is if I can hit 60 minutes on the elliptical by Sunday (or for Sunday), I might reward myself with the 5th Builder on my 4th account. That’ll give me some motivation to push myself while feeling like I earned something of value.

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