Clash of Clans: Another TH6 Coming Up

With little else to upgrade besides Walls, I decided to move my 4th account to TH6. Already, I started getting smashed by my enemies and I felt that there was nothing left to do besides wait around for useless resource collectors to finish up. Rather than do that, I decided with the current Wizard event in effect, I’d motivate myself to push another base up.

I think if I made one small mistake in the upgrade it was that I didn’t spend more time upgrading Walls. But I think for now, I should be fine because most attacks against me are going to be Dragons which means I need more air defenses (literally) and I can only get them by upgrading. Doing this though will give me access to my own Dragon once I upgrade the Clan Castle but the Yeti too. I will admit that I’m starting to see flaws in the Giant + Wizard attacks as bases increase in difficulty. But I think the sooner I can get to TH7-8, the better.

My 3rd account is progressing well but slowly on TH6. I ended up purchasing the 5th Builder because waiting in this game is insufferable. Even with a 6th Builder, you’re not going to see that much of an improvement overall. My upper two accounts both have the 6th Builder and it still can take up to two weeks before I see any improvements on my bases.

However, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. One great tip I read from reddit was how the Clan Capital raids provide very good rewards for your Builder Base in the form of Builder Gold, Elixir and Clock Tower Potion. One person said that these resources helped propel him to get the 6th Builder much easier. With that in mind, it makes it ever more imperative to push my Clan up in levels soon.

I did try to enter my Clan into a Clan War but it simply took too long to find a match. I tried a few times and nothing came up which leads me to believe my three low level accounts are simply too low. Now, this sucks because I suspect I won’t be able to find anything until I level them up more, especially with the disparity in my two higher level accounts. I really wish I could participate because I think even with losses, I might be able to level up my Clan faster than just using Clan Games.

Now, that I’m hitting TH6, I have to start thinking when I’m going to level up again. My goal is to get my 3rd account to TH7 by the end of next week. I already hit my goal of getting it to TH6 along with a 2nd account. But I don’t think it should be too difficult to push to TH7 by next Saturday at this rate. I feel if I can hit TH7 by Saturday or Sunday of next week, I should get to TH8 by the end of the month. I really want enough of my accounts to be able to participate in Clan Games so I can at least score the Tier 3 rewards and get more Clan XP as a result. It might be tough though having low level, underpowered accounts but I think three TH8 accounts might be able to garner at least 2k worth of points.

With that in mind, another thing that I’m considering is a 6th account. It might be a super casual account just to slowly level. But the idea in mind here is that I would use it down the road to help with Clan Games as well as swap in and out for Clan Wars. That part might take a very long time to execute because I probably would need my accounts to be between TH9-11 before that possibility will become available. But the idea is to have one account that’s being worked on out of rotation while the other accounts participate in a war. I did manage to scrounge up one additional email address so I’ll have that. If I can figure out how I got that working, I might try setting up another email forwarding for my other two email addresses. That would provide me a total of 3 more accounts that I could use, which of course translates to the future potential of Tier 5 Clan Game rewards. Yes, I am that desperate. But all these accounts would be baby accounts used when I’m bored and in between upgrades.

But before I go off and start creating more accounts, I really want to get these three accounts up to TH7. I think that’s when things slow down a bit and I’ll have to work on getting a good base and attack strategy put together. For now, I’ll continue to look into how I can setup another email forwarding so I can create more accounts down the line.


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