Clash of Clans: The Low Level Grinding Continues

As my new accounts blossom with more upgrades and gaining resources, I’m constantly tempted to push them harder, knowing what the higher level Town Halls will offer. For instance, my TH4 is the lowest but on the borderline right now of getting all the basics upgraded. While I can push that account to TH5, I’m tempted to wait just a bit longer for a few more key upgrades before moving forward.

I did move my middle account to TH5 though. Already, the main things like gaining a Spell Factory, upgrading the Lab, one Barrack to level 7 and Storage units have been done. It’s just a waiting process at this point rather than a resource issue. I already met a slightly more advanced Town Hall and easily destroyed it just because I have a good troop composition along with access to higher level Clan Castle troops.

But then I look to my 3rd account which is almost ready for an upgrade, even though it’s been rushed, and think that I should spend at least one more day on it before pushing it to TH6. Once I get the Barracks upgraded to level 7, I think I should have all the basics covered to make that leap forward. Also, TH6’s biggest advantage in my eyes is the Clan Castle. I saw the Yeti + Healer walk strategy and think it’s going to be a pretty fun one to try. Now, some people may think that rushing a base is bad. But I think with all the QoL improvements it’s insane not to rush a base because you’re really missing out on events and higher level rewards.

For instance, after getting my 4x reward today, I received 800k in resources. That alone would be enough for me to push my TH5 to TH6. And I want to keep up that momentum especially with the bonus rewards as long as I can. The other thing is that low level bases just don’t offer a lot. You’re going to get beaten up no matter what but trying to upgrade every little Wall is just wasteful. Even resource collectors don’t have much of an impact anymore since they removed the cost of troops. They are a nice source of passive income but compared to your big star bonuses from battles, they pale in the amount generated not to mention just waste time to build up to where they are a meaningful source for upgrades. At this stage, the only real reason to upgrade resource collectors is for the early challenges. Beyond that you’re better off pushing to a higher level and just upgrading these things when there’s nothing else to upgrade.

What about defenses? I feel anything but the most significant defenses like Wizard Towers, Air Defenses and Mortars at this stage aren’t as important. Splash damage really is the key to the game so Cannons and Archer Towers feel like they are nice-to-have’s rather than must-have’s in my priority of upgrades. Again like resource collectors, I only upgrade these when there’s nothing else left to upgrade just because of the time commitment and cost. Walls too except that Walls probably should be upgraded to the point where they’re -2 of whatever your Town Hall is. They are a good source to dump your excess resources, so you definitely want to keep upgrading them when you can but not make it a priority when it comes to key buildings.

One thing that I enjoy about where the game currently is at is that now I can be a more offensively minded player. It still is a bother with the waiting of troop training. I honestly would have preferred that this game adopted the Boom Beach model of troops where you only replace those that perished on the battle field. If they had done that, there would be no need for the free troop training. More importantly, you could have a long string of attacks rather than periodic ones throughout the day. Still, I think this was a good enough compromise and a way to distinguish itself from Boom Beach in terms of play.

Now, that I have these three new accounts on their way, I’m still debating whether to create more accounts. Part of the reason I haven’t is that I need more email addresses. I have some older ones that I have being forwarded to my gmail account but outside of the hassle of maintaining those older accounts, the other issue of having more accounts is the potential cost. I mean even at $3 or so, getting the 3rd Builder upfront is an example of how things can add up when you go overboard quickly. Eventually, I’d want to have 5 Builders so the cost for all of that would be at least $50. That’s not including the cost of future Season Passes where having 8 accounts (which is where I was going with this) would be around $40 every month. I wouldn’t mind if I had a good paying job but with the economy and cost of food, that seems too idealistic.

I think for now, at least with my 3rd account, I’ll most likely wait a day before upgrading to TH6. I still have a Barracks that I’m working to get to level 7 and that’s going to take at least a day. Maybe during that time, I’ll start upgrading Walls and defenses while waiting. But I do have the resources right now and I almost feel that the opportunity is there in front of me.



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