Clash of Clans: First TH5 Attack With Giants + Wizards on 3rd Account

Got my first attack in using Giants and Wizards on my 3rd account in. Very fun attack at this TH5 level. I sprinkled in a few Wall Breakers to handle the Walls while using the two Lightning Spells in my possession to take out the lower level Mortar. For my Clan Castle troops I employed for the first time 3x Hog Riders. The idea there is for them to try and take out defenses that are more centralized towards the Town Hall itself. Also, because they are donated, they aren’t as high level as they could be but still are much more powerful than my current TH level’s troops and make the attack even more OP.

I skipped out on air attacks just because the air defenses for a base become more powerful than the air troops. Your Lightning spells won’t be able to take out the Air Defense just yet and I think most opponents are expecting the Baby Dragon and Balloon from your Clan Castle at this stage so they end up tucking the Air Defense and Wizard Tower deeper into a base. That’s why I ended up using Hog Riders. You could add maybe 2 Balloons to the attack as part of a clean up crew one the Air Defense is gone but it’s really up to you.

With the way things are going, I can definitely see this base at TH6 by Friday. The hardest part right now is just waiting for the storage units to finish upgrading so I can extract everything and have enough Gold to upgrade my Town Hall to 6. But I do want to ensure that my Elixir storage also is maxed out by then because I really want to get a Clan Castle level 3. What that provides is 20 spaces for troops which means you can start sending a single Dragon. At that level, it’s a pretty nasty troop, although you will have to contend with another Air Defense, x2 Wizard Towers and the first Air Sweeper.

However, besides the Dragon, one could receive a Yeti, which is a pretty amazing troop for that level. I’ve seen a Yeti walk strategy where people use Healers to keep the Yeti alive. Of course, you still need to deal with the aforementioned air defenses for your newly acquired Healers. But the Yeti by itself without Healers ought to be quite amazing at that level. If not that then you could still use Hog Riders except x4 with the extra space. Combine that strategy with x2 Healing spells and you should be pretty unstoppable.

My 4th account feels close to being ready to upgrade. I just want to upgrade all the Barracks before moving up a level. But the majority of my buildings are near maxed out and keeping this account at that level means I’ll be behind a full day. Right now, I feel that even if you are able to keep your Builders busy, having all that spare loot at that level seems slightly counter productive. I feel that there’s certain things you can leave behind like Walls and a few defenses along with resource generators. The only things that can’t be too far behind are your troop upgrades and storage units early on. Army Camps, the Lab, the Spell Factory and Barracks should always be maxed out before moving up as well as key troops. I would add making sure that Barbarians and Archers are on that list because of how they impact later game play once you acquire the Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

Speaking of TH6, I think that’s going to be a bit of a struggle because you’re on that cusp of getting the really fun troops and dealing with the increasing variety of defenses. Also, the time of upgrades will begin getting much longer so I anticipate for a semi-rushed base, getting to TH7 would probably take at least a week. But I might attempt to stay within the realm of TH6 for only a short period just because of what TH7 has to offer with the Barbarian King and Dragons.

My goal by the end of the month is to try and rush at least one base to TH8-9 while having the other two at 7-8. It might not happen depending on how things go but the idea here is I want the three accounts to be able to help hit Tier 3 in Clan Games. In that manner, I will be earning more than 40 Clan xp per month from Clan Games. Yes, my bases will stink for defenses but offensively getting to TH8-9 will make the game easier overall. I think it should take at least 3 months overall to hit TH10 if I really push. If that happens, I’ll won’t mind getting slaughtered on my bases just as long as I can push offensively. Heck, I might even have another TH13 by then. But getting to that point I firmly believe will allow me to get close to hitting the mark for Tier 4 rewards.

And the reason why I’m going on about those rewards is that I’m trying to push my Clan levels faster. I really hope to unlock level 2 for my Clan so I can start participating in the Clan Capital. I’ve collected bunch of resources from the seasonal pass for my Clan Capital but I can’t even figure out how much I own at this time because it’s locked up. And while the rewards from the Clan Capital are pretty bad, there are a few that can be worthwhile like the Research Potion and Wall Rings. I think if they introduce Books then the Clan Capital would be a huge deal in the future.

Nevertheless, I might eventually try to do Clan Wars. But I need to get my bases to around TH7-8 where I think I’ll be more comfortable.

Speaking of things, I just upgraded another base to TH5 while writing this. It was getting to the point where I lost patience. Talking about being able to participate in Wars made me want to get higher faster. At least now by the time I wake up, I should have a few key things built and be ready for getting that new base to use Wizards as well. At this rate, most likely, my 5th account should be ready for TH5 in another day or so.


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