Clash of Clans: 3 More Accounts? 8 More Accounts?

Since I discovered how to create multiple accounts on a single device, the temptation to generate more while my accounts are in various states has crossed my mind. The real question I have to myself is how many more accounts would be a good number? Should I go to 8 total accounts? Or perhaps 13 just in case I want to participate in all content available?

Right now, what’s bothering me is that 5 accounts is just enough to get some of the basic game play in. The social aspect of the game only works when you have enough friends who are willing to play an old game that does not necessarily have a great reputation as a result of the parent company. Not only that but to really get anything further from this game I’d have to either open up my Clan (which I don’t want to) or prod my other gamer friends to see whether or not they’d be willing to join. I have a feeling that most people aren’t interested at this stage which leaves the more interesting content pretty much on the back burner perpetually.

Because of this reason, I prefer playing solo since I know I am more reliable towards myself and can control the situation the way I want. It’s the same reason Lost Ark gradually had died for me as I knew asking for my guild to return was not going to happen as the existing people have already moved on and overall interest seems to have completely been eradicated.

Unlike Lost Ark though, stuff like Clan Wars doesn’t have to be played simultaneously like in a raiding situation. In fact, outside of having to dedicate serious time to these activities, it’s far easier to coordinate and plan since everything is decided by a single person. The only downside is that if that person is not good, then the rest won’t really line up all that well.

But I’m thinking just in the meantime about the Tier 5 rewards from Clan Games. It would be quite grueling to get 6 more accounts to the point where they can not only participate in Clan Games but finish enough challenges to be able to claim the full reward. And I’m thinking that will only happen once the bulk of the accounts are around TH10-11.

On the other hand, if you really want to get the most out of a Clash of Clans session, you need to budget about 2 attacks per day for each account and incorporate into that timing training troops for donations and finding the appropriate bases to attack. Usually, a single attack against the normal multiplayer environment can take about say 5 minutes max with the bulk of the time perusing through bases until one matches your criteria. Then once you get your daily bonus, there’s not much need to attack. And if you want to incorporate Builder Bases, those are more of a case on whether you’re simply aiming for a 1 star attack to get fulfill your daily for a season or going after a challenge. So for a single account, you shouldn’t have to worry about more than 10-15 minutes at best of actual play time (the rest is just waiting for troops and spells to train up).

The only time I find myself more active is during the early town halls since upgrades are frequent due to the low time cost. But getting the resources these days is easy.

With that in mind, running 8 accounts doesn’t sound impossible as long as they’re staggered a bit in terms of development. That way you’re not always jammed with wait times and can customize what you do per account and not be bored. Like in my situation, my TH5 is waiting until the morning before I even begin to think about attacking as I had just started upgrading the Wizard Tower to level 2, which takes 8 hours. Pretty much at a certain point, you just have no reason to keep attacking since your Builders end up becoming too busy.

Now, if I really had tons of time and money, I’d go straight out to a total of 13 accounts. In that situation, you can aim to get the Tier 6 rewards from Clan Games. I would try for 15 accounts if I wanted to participate in Clan War Leagues but I think even that is too much for a single person to handle.

Problem with 8 accounts total will eventually be the running cost of each season. Again, if I had the money, it wouldn’t be an issue. But at $40 per month just to enable the season pass, that’s outrageous. On the other hand, I wonder if I could use these accounts for my Boom Beach team.


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