Clash of Clans: 3rd Account At TH5 and 5th at TH4

I decided to rush two of my new accounts with my 3rd account hitting TH5 last night and my 5th going for TH4. The idea here is to set a goal of getting at least one account to TH6 by the end of the coming week and not wasting too much time at the lower levels. Rushing an account may seem like a bad idea but with all the adjustments in costs, I felt that trying to push one account higher as fast as possible will help make use of donated troops as well as being able to hit the fresh account season perks much faster.

TH5 starts to get a little interesting because you get more anti-air defenses to counter Balloons as well as the introduction of Wizards, the Spell Factory and Wizard Tower. I think Wizards + Giants might be very strong at this level but I might be forced to include some Wall Breakers just because you start to see more bases with thicker Walls around this level and Giants aren’t really great for busting through. You can’t go all in on Balloons neither because of the increase in anti-air defenses. You only get 2 Lightning Spells max at this level and they can’t collectively do enough damage to completely take out the Air Defense, which makes your Balloon or Baby Dragon attack vulnerable. So what I might do for this Town Hall level is start sending Hog Riders in since they can ignore Walls and not worry about the new defenses as much.

My “middle” new account might end up just being one where I actually try to max out at each level or do something within that realm. Right now, the main struggle is gaining enough Gems for the 4th Builder. I cleared the bulk of the obstacles on the home base area and need roughly 32 more Gems. So I might end up just grinding it out for a day or two to allow those obstacles to regrow all the while slowly upgrading what I have. Resource-wise, I don’t think that account is in a bad state but it’s just a matter of freeing up the Builders.

My newest account might fall into that “max almost everything” category too. That one might fall behind 2-3 days from my main but I’m okay with that. I just started upgrading the Clan Castle so I will be adding a Balloon troop there. Also, I need to start working on the Builder Base side of things. I found a great strategy at that level to beat most opponents. But I might simply play those Builder Bases passively.

But I really want to get to TH7 fast. I think that’s where the game starts to really pick up because you get Dragons and pretty much dominate the majority of your attacks. And TH8 is where I probably had the most fun in the game for the longest time with the introduction of PEKKA. Pretty much at that point, PEKKAs would completely wreck a base. Also, that gets complimented by the Barbarian King from TH7.

Nonetheless, even though the rapid upgrades at these levels are fun, I still want to progress my main bases. Unfortunately, by the time I get to TH6 on one of these new accounts, I’ll just have a single upgrade from my TH13 completed. The real problem is that you cannot use a Hero while it’s upgrading practically making attacks much harder. I just wish that they made it so your Hero is inoperative on defense but still usable in battle. I really couldn’t care about defense but it sucks stacking a ton of resources and just waiting to upgrade them only to have them free for a day or two if you’re keen on pushing. But allowing them to be used while being upgraded would be a huge game changer. I still would use Books of Heroes since the time is ridiculous but I wouldn’t feel bad about spending resources for upgrading them.

At any rate, I’m excited to play the TH5 account a lot more. It just sucks waiting around for the juicy upgrades to finish, even at this low of a level.

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