Clash of Clans: Clan Games Grinding

Been really grinding away at Clash of Clans since I want to reach the Tier 2 rewards. At some point, I wish I had a third account just to be able to get all the way to Tier 3 but I know it would make life strenuous just from the requirement of time and resources, which I cannot handle, at the moment. Also, I would be required to have another device to play the game on, even though I know you can simply log off to swap accounts. But I figure it’s just easier to have a dedicated device for the game to avoid the mishap of screwing up accounts.

One little thing I’ve been doing is the “one special troop” attack to get easy points. One thing I really love about the Ice Golem + Witch army composition is that you have enough room to exchange troops. Typically, I have 20 extra spots for Baby Dragons that aren’t really required for this attack to succeed. One of the challenges was to use 1 Inferno Dragon for at least one star in 5 attacks. Since Inferno Dragons are just a 15 housing spaced version of an upgraded Baby Dragon, it made for a very easy challenge as I only need to fill up the last 5 spaces with any troop I wanted. An example was using the Hog Rider since that too was a challenge. Likewise on my TH12 account, I swapped out my PEKKA for 2 Super Barbarians, which I am working on. With this attack, I’m pretty much guaranteed 3 star on average as long as I choose the right base. So the extra troops are there as filler while the Witches and Ice Golems take care of the bulk of a base.

I would say that with the incentive of eventually procuring a Clan Capitol, I have become far more invested in upgrading my Clan to at least level 2. I estimated that with only the ability to reach Tier 2 per Clan Games and zero ability to make War attacks, I will only be able to get to level 2 in 5 months at least. Even with a third account, it’ll take me a few years before it can even reach the same capability as my other two accounts and I imagine that I would be forced to rush it at some point. On the bright side, having that third account would be pretty easy compared to before since I’ll have access to Siege Machines and high level donated troops. But even then, a third one just wouldn’t be good enough since the best number to have is a minimal of five active accounts inside the clan to do a proper war.

The other thing is that starting a brand new account would feel economically exhausting at this point. That would mean I’d have to spend at least $15/month for all the seasons. Initially, the new account wouldn’t need the season stuff but I imagine around TH10 is where I would want to get at least the seasonal pass. Either way, the amount of time required to build up a new account to a reasonable level would be insane at this stage. I wouldn’t mind it if I could find more mobile games to play but that’s not really in my cards right now.

One thing that was fun for a single battle was getting to use my Bowlers. There was a one star challenge with them so I figured to give them a shot now that I have a much better army as well as the critical Log Launcher. There was a bit of an ass clenching moment towards the end of the battle but I still managed to pull off the 3 star attack. I really believe that the Log Launcher was the difference maker. Since there was an update mentioned recently about Bowlers receiving an HP upgrade, I’m probably going to use my season bank rewards to upgrade them. I have a feeling that after the next major update, Bowlers are going to be one of the major troops in TH13.

I really would like to upgrade my Royal Champion though. But I just don’t have enough Dark Elixir and I don’t feel Super Goblins are worth the effort this late into the season. I spent a ton of the training potions in exchanging them for gems and swapping over to Super Goblins at this moment would only satisfy a single challenge. I think I’m better off just farming normally. The alternative is to switch back to Super Dragons to employ both the Stone Slammer and get the super troop seasonal achievement. However, I really like Ice Golems + Witches at this Town Hall level. Maybe I might do it if I drop my medals back down to gold on my TH13 account.

Of course, that leaves how the season is quickly coming to an end. It’s crazy to think how fast June passed us by. What did suck though at least for my TH13 was how little I managed to upgrade. I mean, I guess relatively speaking, I did pretty decently hitting most of my goals for the season. But some of those upgrades are just horribly slow. For instance, I just got started on a level 8 X-Bow which will take 2 weeks to complete. When the season ends, the time will jump up a bit since I will lose the 20% bonus. I’m not particularly interested to be honest about this defense since the gold cost probably is more worrisome than the time cost on this account, but it does mean that my Builder won’t be free for a while. But I will try my best to get as many upgrades as I can in before the end of the season.

I am curious about what next season entails. The one significant difference maker per season has been the skin perks. I know Supercell put out paid skins for both the Barbarian King and Royal Champion. But I think I’ve seen one for the Archer Queen in a summer themed suit. As this season had the Grand Warden being the skin, I feel that the next season skin will most likely be the Barbarian King. The other thing is that I’m hoping they put less emphasis on the Clan Capitol in terms of rewards and season challenges. But I’m guessing the Clan Capitol will the internal shiny object for a while until the next major update.

Speaking of updates, the big news was another round of balance changes as well as removing the national flags. I really don’t care about the national flags aspect since I never purchased one. But the balance changes are interesting especially the nerf to Walls. I think Walls are the worst aspect of this game in every format and lowering their HP to me means your ground troops are going to pound through them a lot faster. Also, I feel that having less HP implies that the need to upgrade them all the time won’t be as important except for the real min-maxers. For myself at my TH12/13 levels, I see Walls as a last resort upgrade where having excess resources just gets dumped back into Walls when there’s nothing else available. And with so many things to upgrade with my TH13 along with the time cost, there’s simply no reason to upgrade walls unless I have spare Wall Rings. I figure at this rate, I’m better off pushing towards TH14 and not worry about Walls until I have a good chunk of my base fully upgraded.

Another one that has me interested is PEKKAs receiving a little HP buff. Right now, I’ve been keeping a PEKKA with my Ice Golem + Witch army as a tank to help funnel inside the base. I probably don’t need the PEKKA and could swap her out with another Ice Golem but I find the PEKKA to be a solid troop with her damage and high life. They usually can make it through a good chunk of the base before being taken down.

Also, Valkyries will be seeing a buff to a variety of things. The normal version will have some HP boosted while the Super Valkyrie not only will have her HP boosted but attack speed and rage (although it looks like she’ll receive a nerf to movement but whatever). I’ve been using a normal Valkyrie as part of my donated Clan Castle troops to my TH13 and don’t really see her being effective. Normally, I use her, two Yetis and a Barbarian and by the time the Log Launcher breaks loose only the two Yetis end up surviving. That said I am upgrading my Valkyries on my TH12 so maybe she’ll last a little longer in the near future.

There’s some other changes like a nerf to Sneaky Goblin damage but I really don’t care. I normally use Sneaky Goblins to farm resources and I don’t believe this change will be that significant. Quite honestly, I much prefer using my current attack strategy rather spending an hour searching through bases that have the right layout and amount of resources. The only thing that sucks is that I also like using Sneaky Goblins to lower my trophies while farming resources. But the setup is such a pain that I often time question whether it’s truly worth the pain.

Maybe the only change that might matter to me (besides Walls) is the one to Bowlers. I just found them to be pretty squishy. But then again I didn’t have my Log Launcher setup so my funnels weren’t great and possibly the Bowlers were getting destroyed since I was using them in conjunction with Freeze + Bat spells. I much prefer Lighting + Earthquake because those are more reliable.

At any rate, I’m closing in on the Tier 2 rewards. I think tomorrow I should get them then I can relax and just wait until next season arrives.


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