Clash of Clans: Big Progress for My TH12 Account

They had a little sale for a Book of Heroes on the game today so I picked that up along with a Book of Everything for the future. Already, I had a Book of Heroes saved up as well as near 500 gems that I decided to put to use for a 3rd in the vendor. With all this at my disposal, I got my Grand Warden up to level 25 and pushed my Archer Queen to 61 with the additional aid of my Rune of Dark Elixir from the season and started on a Mortar upgrade.

For tomorrow’s agenda, I’m soon going to complete my PEKKA upgrade, which will allow me to start something else in my Laboratory. Currently, I’m thinking of upgrading my Freeze spell since I’m close to the required Elixir to make that happen along with two Books of Spells. I probably will just instant complete the Freeze spell and go for a Valkyrie upgrade as I have been donating one Valkyrie to my main account’s Clan Castle troops whenever I do my Ice Golem + Witch attack. That shouldn’t make a monstrous difference at this time but I do believe that every bit helps.

With Clan Games coming up tomorrow, I’ll continue making a push since I want to be able to use my Clan Capitol eventually. It really sucks that I can’t just because I only have a level 1 Clan. I still haven’t seen the first two tiers of rewards though. In a way, I wish I had a third account just to be able to get a little more rewards in all of this as well as progressing my Clan levels.

My main account is still waiting for the X-Bow to be completed. Afterwards, I’m going to do my last Gold Storage upgrade for TH13. Anything left over is gravy besides my Royal Champion. I’m still waiting on my Dark Elixir Storage to finish up as I want to deploy the Rune of Dark Elixir there too and use that for one level on my Archer Queen. I could’ve bought the Book of Heroes/Everything combo on that account too. However, I just wouldn’t be able to make use of it as I don’t have the resources just yet. I could buy the bundle and just wait until the end of the season to instant complete another Archer Queen upgrade but I don’t think it’s worth it right now.

Beyond that, I ended up having a rare 2 star attack on my secondary account. I got a little greedy on one base that was somewhat beefed up and failed finishing off the base. I chalked part of the failure from not having my Grand Warden available at that time. Now, that I have him back, I have yet to encounter another failure. Also, having a level 61 Archer Queen is pretty cool. I’m debating whether or not to upgrade her at the start of next season. I feel with my current army composition, the Archer Queen doesn’t feel as important so I could afford a few days of down time.


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