Lost Ark: 4th Punika Alt

I spent a good chunk of last night finishing up Punika on my Shadowhunter. It really wasn’t hard this time around just super annoying with certain fights just because some opponents cheat with their stupid teleportation that they know when you’re going to activate your key abilities or their insane AoE radius that traps you because you’re animation locked into place. But the good thing about Punika is that it’s fairly fast and worth doing just for the initial honing materials.

With my Shadowhunter getting close to her “end game” moment, my next project that I’m working on is my Gunslinger. I forgot where I left off with her last night but I think it was around ilvl 1050. She had a pretty decent honing session and I’ll probably start using the tailoring books to upgrade her once I’m aiming for ilvl 1080. I feel like it’s better to increase your chances going from level 13-14 on your gear than 14-15 in tier 1 and 2 because you want access to the highest level Chaos Dungeon for that tier. Once you get to that point, you can relax a bit since you’ll be getting the most amount of materials until you’re prepared to advance a tier. But if you’re not using those boosts for honing in that 13-14 range, you’re potentially shooting yourself in the foot because you’re wasting more days with less rewards for your tier.

That brings up my Berserker since he’s on the cusp of hitting Rohendel’s ilvl 580 dungeon. I feel like he’s really cursed because he’s had a ton of failures even though my percentages are high. Compare him to my Deathblade who had great honing sessions and I’m starting to think that SmileGate just hates Berserkers due to the infestation of them through bots. I’m really hoping to advance today with my Berserker but I might have to break out with my Punika alts running Flame Yoho to grab more materials for him. What a pain! But I guess the bright side is that I’ll have 4 alts capable of running Flame Yoho with their tier 3 gear just bullying lower level content.

One cool thing that happened was that I crafted a killer Ability Stone on my Deathblade where I unlocked a level 3 Supercharge ability. I’m pretty eager to play my Deathblade to get a taste of the increased damage/cooldown from her charging abilities. The only sad thing is that I won’t have that level of a Superchage once I get into tier 2 and 3 eventually.

Another thing I did was Forpe. I realize that has to be one of the worst islands just because it’s stupid with the suicide bomber chicken attack strategy. I must have died 3-4 times at least sometimes not even getting a hit in because you’re so fragile as a chicken. I swear that the designers of this game are real life assholes just in how they think of these things. It was either do that island or Harmony Island because of my need for pirate coins. I guess next time I’m just going to do Harmony Island given a choice, with or without the Island Soul.

Ultimately though, I ended up getting really sleepy and just quit before I could get to my Scrapper. I finished off the night doing some chill life skills with Fishing and Logging to advance my guild a bit. We are so close to level 8 which unlocks the precious next guild shop research. So I really am trying my best to make this mega push which would be a huge boon to everyone. I might start early today but I want to finish up some Clash of Clans stuff before getting into the game. Also, I want to get some writing done. I’m so close in that aspect but my concentration is all over the place.


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