The Ongoing Political Nightmare

I’ve been putting off putting my thoughts down with regards to the fallout of the election. However, today’s turn of events with the crazy protests over at the capitol have forced me to really take a look at what’s going on with the nation.

There was too much going on today that forced me to be mentally and emotionally distracted all day long. The craziest thing was watching the mob descend upon the Capitol after Trump’s speech that effectively validated them into trying to pull a bizarre coup in preventing Biden from receiving the official affirmation as the next president.

Apparently, around the nation there were mini protests, including one in downtown LA of all places where the so-called Proud Boys attempted to incite a riot and ended up getting battered by police ironically.

The thing though about this whole ordeal is the end result of Trump as the president. I believe it was the beginning of the end for him the moment he hid in a bunker during the time when protestors approached the White House gates. While the majority of the sane world knew he was a loud mouth, what they didn’t realize was that he was a coward as well. That incident effectively eliminated him as a symbol of American leadership on top of the following time when protestors were shot upon during a photo shoot.

While the Democrats have not been entirely on their best behavior neither, the deal with Trump that I’ve come to realize over time is that as far as it looks on the surface, this whole situation for him is a massive game where he sees zero consequences for his actions on himself nor the people around him. The only thing that matters is strictly his ego.

It’s hard to determine what his true end game is at this point. Without a proper investigation against him and his cronies, the world will not know whether or not conspiracy theorists are connect in their assumption that he has somehow been compromised by Russia, which would make some level of sense when looking at how far America has fallen since he accepted the oath.

If that’s not the case, then his end game feels as though he wants to make some form of an imprint in history with his name clearly stamped. But his legacy will be possibly one of the most shameful, at least in the modern era as America practically has been rendered torn in half and left in a state of chaos with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, a huge problem in this is the Republican party itself where he has a staunch group of followers. If anything, Trump has damaged the Republican party far worse than most can imagine. It’s so bad that the metaphor used in the TV show House of Cards effectively is being shown here, with the entire deck falling apart one by one and collapsing on itself.

Even now, with Trump throwing everyone under the bus, there are still supporters in his party. But slowly those numbers are dwindling because at this stage it’s plain career suicide by people attempting to justify what was shown by his mindless minions outside the Capitol.

There has been talks of businesses and other people to have Pence invoke the 25th Amendment to quickly depose of Trump just to restore some level of sanity. Already, Twitter and Facebook have revoked his account due to the damage he has been doing online. But in the case of Pence, he really needs to invoke the 25th Amendment to save face because his association to Trump to this last minute practically has killed any future hope of his political career.

One of the things that will be needed within the Republican party is a re-evaluating what exactly they represent in values. Despite what their platform states, the only thing they currently hold any value to is just the name of their party. But despite attempting to remain tight, not allowing any room for individual dissension over time has been their ultimate poison.

Then there’s a group of people that have shown their true face and probably are scarier than any other politician in office: the Trump supporters. I doubt these people understand anything because they lack critical thinking capabilities to be able to make neither intelligent conversation nor possess the ability to question things. Instead, their blind devotion and groupthink is more like an ant colony in effect.

But the truly scary thing about these people beyond that is that they are willing to do anything for their leader, whether or not that leader actually gives a damn about their lives. I don’t know what they actually see in getting out of their actions beyond fulfilling a bloodlust fantasy, which is where I think this is heading.

And it’s really stupid and weird too. These people do not seem educated nor wealthy. Instead, they appear to be of lower middle class at best (vernacular: white trash with some sell out minorities tossed in). I can’t see how they believe someone in the elite class would ever benefit them.

Again, my theory about all this is that these people are so stupid that they only believe in Trump because they watched his goddamn show and believed that they are similar. Trust me; California elected Schwarzenegger for the same reason (and Reagan for that matter)

But in terms of continuing to support him, I’ve seen two main areas that come up: 1) religious fanatical leaders; 2) nutcases personalities (e.g. Alex Jones). The way I look at it is that the religious fanatical leaders associate themselves naturally to the Republican party and create a conservative feedback loop to one another. However, the nutcase personalities like Alex Jones will interject themselves into these feedback loops to help create dissent and chaos, thus promoting themselves in the process.

The two forces in turn generate fear and doubt in creating a dystopian fantasy in the simple mind of the lower fanatics where they are tricked into believing their so-called leader(s) will be able to get them out of their squalid disposition.

Of course, none of that will happen because conservatives don’t do anything beyond giving kickbacks to their buddies and not spend a dime on the lower class. The only thing that the fanatics get is just more arms support from the military industrial complex leaders (e.g. NRA), which fuels their lust for violence and increases their insecurities.

In the end, you really have this mass of serial killers waiting to happen. They want a civil war because they do not know enough history (I doubt they studied it in depth nor paid attention in class) nor do they have empathy for those negatively impacted in the past (e.g. Native Americans, African Americans, the Japanese in internment camps). All they know is that they are not the ones on TV, do not have the million dollar homes, the Mercedes, etc. and blame it on everyone else for their own short comings.

In some way, I think we should have that civil war because there’s just too much bad blood built up between these people and the rest of America. I still think that the country should be divided permanently because I don’t believe these people will ever change.

But with that caveat, I want them all locked up either in the center or in some region no one cares about. Then they can drive around without masks in their SUVs killing themselves with COVID-19, pollution, etc. and their general stupidity and eventually the land will come back to the smarter people as social Darwinism intends.

The other thing is that the world is watching America very intently. After the events in the capitol today, many world leaders scrutinized the irrational behavior of Americans. It was not just a black eye for us as a nation but an embarrassment as a perceived leader in the world.

What this has done is simply tarnished what America represents even further as well as reinforced all the negative stereotypes that the world has of the people here. And it’s well deserved. I’m sure many of these world leaders were waiting for a moment like this because of the incessant jingoistic/manifest destiny posture America has historically taken.

The thing that is clear to me in all of this is that besides resolving the COVID-19 issue, America’s next generation of politicians need to restore the trust between the American public and themselves. Everything leading to this day has been an issue of growing distrust within America.

People like Alex Jones are enabled because of the shady tactics in American government. That shouldn’t happen. Politics and politicians need to be transparent. The people we elect as officials should never have a hidden agenda where they give secret back rubs to their elitist friends for handouts.

Along with the politicians, business leaders (i.e. the elite) must also do their part in re-creating the trust back to the American public. They are a huge part of why someone like Trump has been enabled. Someone like a Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or companies like Goldman Sachs are not trustworthy because of the wealth they command.

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating an ever increasing level of inequality in the country, the very cream of the crop must contribute back down for capitalism to be looked upon as a positive mechanism of governance. Because at this very moment, what we are seeing is a trickle up economy; meaning, poverty will slowly eat its way upward as people without capital nor influence lose the little they have.

And I think the way this needs to start is that the very top of the wealthy class in this country should donate 50% of their fortune in the form of a national band aid that would allow the government to temporarily allow rent to be ignored, loans to be forgiven, student debt to be erased and the prices of food to drop along with real health care as opposed to health insurance.

It’s a real simple equation to me. If they don’t do this, their wealth actually will shrink because there will no longer be people around to do their bitch work for them. Or the people still around will be resentful and form unions or worse yet, be maniacal serial killers that come in the form of obedient servants for people like Trump and Alex Jones.

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