Why Did Hillary Clinton Lose in 2016?

So I found an article on Yahoo talking about why Hillary Clinton still finds her loss to be unclear. While there maybe some foul play with the Russians, voter tampering, etc., I think the fact is that even without those, there still was a good amount of Trump supporters. Or perhaps, I should say Clinton protestors.

I think the fact that Hilly still talks about her loss might be partly a self-awareness issue that she can’t get over. These days, I can’t call myself close to being a Trump supporter but I have been thinking about 2016 a lot more every day in trying to understand the current climate of politics.

I think when Hillary was gearing up for 2016, the democrats had made their biggest mistake in choosing her over others. While she probably had the most recognizable name on that side of the equation, the thing is that I think many Americans did not forget some of the negative stigma remaining from Bill’s presidency.

Of the things that I still recall from Bill Clinton’s days as president, I think of the Monica Lewinsky incident, the various lies about his days of “not inhaling” pot, him taking credit for the economic boom as opposed to the general innovation of individuals that created a huge backbone of the platforms we see today and just the whole PC (political correctness) nonsense that was like a PMRC 2.0 (especially with his corny vice president Al Gore and stupid wife Tipper).

If Bill was the smug, lying orator who won his election by iterating what people thought they wanted to hear, Hillary was just a blithering loud mouth goat that would forever be connected to Bill’s stigma. On top of that, it was a blatant act of nepotism and I think most people saw through her being the equivalent of a career politician, which is what I think many people felt sick of.

Worse yet, her biggest supporters might have been her worst enemy to the election in the end. That is, the feminists. I think many men in this country have felt emasculated with the whole #MeToo movement, the political correctness and censoring of what effectively amounts to “good old boy values” by the democrats. What worse way to take all these values than brazenly shoving them down people’s throats.

With social media, these voices have become a million times louder. I know when I used to do social media, we ended up concluding that women are some of the heaviest users. They are able to effectively connect to their circles, do all the retweets, likes, etc. It’s definitely a mechanism that has empowered them.

But I feel that at the same time, your joe average might’ve felt that his voice got squashed in all of this. His rights and values that he grew up with no longer were modern and he would have to work harder or face big penalties which used to be just thrown away as tasteless jokes.

So when Donald Trump came around, people took to him like moths to a flame. It had nothing to do with whether or not he had any sort of competency in anything. The fact is that people just knew him and liked him from being the empowering man from that TV show which men could idolize and fantasize about becoming (although in truth I think those men are losers but that’s a different story). His words were raw and cutting; not this political BS, but just good, old boy troll jokes that appealed to people’s inner devil.

But that was just the icing on the cake. The whole point was to not vote Hillary. Again, I think the issue boils down to self-awareness and conceit. She doesn’t know what it really is like to be someone without power. The Clintons are powerful people and I think the average American was sick of those that were born into that, despite Trump’s own inheritance that he fucked up.

The thing is that Hillary was damaged in image before she had a chance to do anything. I know some people probably thought that America wasn’t ready for a woman president, especially right after having an African American president.


But I think that in Hillary’s case it really wasn’t that. I think the people who voted for Trump (i.e. against Hillary) saw Hillary as this aging principal they remembered from elementary school. The one that would be on the playground and screaming for ordinance.

People wanted anarchy. And that’s exactly what they got. The change they wanted was to be free of politics, which is what in theory the GOP is supposed to represent (i.e. hands off politics).

Now, before you say I’m anti-feminist, let me say that with regards to Kamala Harris, I really like her. I read her platform and didn’t see anything super offensive. She seems quite intelligent, speaks well and has a level head. Honestly, I wish she was running for president right now instead of Joe Biden.

What I am for is things that make sense. I think the democrats are flat out stupid sometimes in their choices. Like Biden to me is a dog in all of this. I know they picked him just because he was Obama’s VP. That shouldn’t be how people are selected in these processes.

I feel that if they had a good under dog, someone that understood how to talk to the people rather than at them, they would actually stand a real chance. Also, perhaps not offending the public. Right now the way politics has turned out it’s just an either or. But it’s not even a case of a good either or. It’s a situation of do you want plastic with dog doo or cat poo. You lose no matter what.

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