Epstein and Maxwell Files Released

After various impediments in trying to quell the Epstein/Maxwell files, a huge number of pdfs were released by the court to the public yesterday. While disturbing, the content isn’t exactly surprising and names a lot of key people involved.

Some of the not-surprising names within the documents are former president Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and references to Trump visiting Epstein’s island. Outside of Epstein and Maxwell, The name that sticks out to me more than any other though is Alan Dershowitz.

Admittedly, I’ve only casually kept up on the news between Dershowitz and Trump’s legal battles with impeachment. But what is clear to me is that he’s probably going to be the next major player involved in all of this to fall given his role.

The importance of Dershowitz is that his ties to Trump maybe one of the major cracks in Trump’s defense. This is effectively the house of cards tumbling down. But what else will this expose?

Another major piece to come out of these papers is the FBI’s role in all of this. From what I’m reading, the FBI was aware of the situation and did nothing. If anything that might be a bigger reveal than any single names in all of this because now it’s implicating a critical section of the government.

And again all of this raises the real question of what more is corrupted in the government?

Or perhaps, I should re-phrase this question as what is left in the world that isn’t corrupted at the elite level?

While a global pedo prostitution ring is outrageous, you have to realize that the real story is how the elite have worked to stifle all of this and used their power to cover up their dirt. More than that, it makes you wonder what else might be going on? Who can be trusted that’s left?

Perhaps, the who isn’t as important compared to what can the average person do to protest the elite and powerful. What is clear to me is that the system in place is corrupt on a global scale but it depends on the powerless to keep it running. With COVID-19, we see part of the system failing in that for the most part there has been little to no protections put in place to protect the less fortunate.

The protests are an absolute threat to government control. Their need for the economy to be maintained for them to retain power is reinforced by how the people like Trump have attempted to step in and send in troops to quell these protests.

The real threat to the elite is their ability to maintain the illusion of whatever political philosophy is supposedly in place that supposedly maintains society. The reality is that the dominant will forever remain dominant and only continue to re-create this veil to allow them to maintain control over the populace.

I think the average person can fight back in all of this. The way you do it is stop paying for things like taxes and support local communities. I feel that the super structure needs to fall and move back into smaller, more visible pieces that are actionable and allow individuals to no longer be apathetic as a result of their feeling of helplessness. To do that crippling major pieces of infrastructure that have long been corrupted like Wall Street is the key in real reform.

In my view, the protests aren’t effectual as the elite themselves will only do what they can to protect their roost. If anything the protestors themselves put themselves at risks for both COVID-19 and the elite to act against them.

Just targeting the government themselves at this stage is not helpful. You need to target their major supporters which are the elite/power players. That’s when people will listen and truly act. The officials in charge are just scared puppets but will turn on the public once they’re off their lawn again.

I know that this has been a long thread that deviated away from the core topic. But I really believe that what we’re seeing is the slow unveiling of the global elite, their links and one manner of how they control the populace. What’s needed is to expose more and find more connections to demonstrate the deep levels of corruption and gradually extirpate this virus.

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