Los Angeles Should Build A Metro Line Along the Coast

Quite often, I’ll rip into Los Angeles in terms of its lack of planning or poor management as a city. But the thing that should be obvious by everyone who isn’t a selfish beach house living asshole is that Los Angeles is in dire need of a Metro line that runs along the coast. Perhaps, it should run parallel to PCH (the 1) or the 405. But no matter what, Los Angeles really needs this line more than ever.

diablo 3

Diablo3 : Unhallowed Essence Hellcat Waistguard Build Thoughts

Recently, I gave the Unhallowed Essence Hellcat Waistguard build a go since a friend of mine had been playing it a bit. The main motivation was my friend describing the build as being quite tanky. After giving the build a shot, I will admit that he was right.


Iron Fist: Review

This review won’t go into too much depth as compared to say my Game of Thrones reviews. Instead, I want to discuss my overall impressions about Iron Fist as well as addressing the criticisms of the show and determining whether they were warranted.

game of thrones

Game of Thrones: Pondering Arya Stark’s Storyline

At the recent SXSW convention, Maisie Williams (and Sophie Turner) got fans hyped up for the upcoming Season 7 of Game of Thrones (which premiers July 16, 2017. The talks about Arya Stark’s long term role and favoritism by the writers made me muse over the real implications that the story is leading and is something I want to share here.


Looking Towards the Long Term

Things are slowly starting to settle for me with the new job. Some really nice things are coming up that ought to help put into place my long term goals. But the major point for me is that I’m really looking to ease up and just find a nice rhythm as opposed to working at a crazy start up environment where my life gets thrown up into chaos.