Boom Beach: The Problem with the Game

In this post, I’m not going to create a giant rant about p2win type of games or features. The thing about Boom Beach is that you can play without paying a single dime. In truth, it’s one of the better freemium games that I’ve tried in this genre. That said, I think it does suffer from that stigma of requiring some sort of monetary investment in order to be fun. Even before that issue arises, there’s a bigger issue at stake: the low level grind.

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Boom Beach: Post Imitation Game Aftermath

I hit level 50 sometime in the early morning and just twiddled my thumbs in anticipation to start the Imitation Game. Fortunately for today’s Imitation Game, the bases weren’t very tough and I could take out Stage 6 without a full boost since I still am lacking enough powder. That said, with all the resources garnered from my assault, I managed to hit a major milestone. A little spoiler? HQ 20!

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Boom Beach: Recent Updates and Harder Operations Lately?

I’m in the home stretch with marching towards level 50 and doing a big push to get my HQ 20. Last night, I began upgrading my final landing craft to level 19 (for this level that is) and have a little over 100xp before reaching level 50. Originally, I was hoping to get my Gunboat to level 20 before pushing my HQ to 20, but I screwed up a few upgrades and pushed too fast. But I think in the scheme of things this isn’t a huge issue.

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Boom Beach: More Progression

Today, was the highest level Operations my Task Force managed to complete. I had to solo two different high level ops using my two accounts. Fortunately, I managed to get both down just by the skin of my teeth. We failed the other day mostly due to how a former member did not take the operation serious enough. It was pretty bad and evident that I was forced to kick him out. In truth though, it’s like anything: if you want to get ahead, you can’t afford to have slackers holding you down.

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