Why Jem the Movie Failed

Jem the Movie wasn’t an anticipated movie. In fact, there were a lot of hesitation about how it would be cast, knowing how Hollywood tends to bungle reboots and live action versions of much beloved cartoon series. Yet despite all the warnings against the movie, the producers still went ahead and produced a film that did atrociously at the box office to no ones surprise. Yet why did this movie perform so poorly compared to an equally atrocious handling of GI Joe and Transformers?


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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 6 Blood of My Blood Review

I wanted to change the format of this type of review a little. Typically, in the past I would just write up a summary rather than a truly thought provoking process. I felt that while it would help people wanting to catch up with what’s going on, that format wasn’t conducive for a more fluid writing style for myself. In turn, that would take a long time as I would try to capture every little detail rather than attempt to disseminate what was going on in a more meaningful manner. So I’m going to try a new format out that breaks out the things I felt were important to allow me to better focus.

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Game of Thrones: Explaining Hodor/Hold the Door

There’s quite a few people attempting to explain exactly what happened to Hodor in Season 6 Episode 5 which explains the origins of Hodor. Some theories are far too complicated in terms of explaining the space-time continuum paradox that any series dealing with time travel undergoes. But I feel that the idea of Hodor’s essence is quite simple and doesn’t need a great deal of exaggeration to make sense of it all.


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Health: Little By Little

Since starting on my smoothie journey, I have to admit to becoming 100% addicted to it. Right now, I need to have a smoothie every day. I try to make one in the morning or at least after lunch. That provides a fair amount of energy and I can drink it throughout the day. Usually, it’s good for 1 1/2 servings which means morning breakfast and possibly evening snack. I’m trying to add new ingredients and am looking into a few alternative recipes.

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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 4, Book of the Stranger Review

The scene starts where we see Jon starting to pack up and leave his history of Castle Black to the past. Edd at first inquires where he intends to go and Jon replies south to get warm (hey, Jon has a sense of humor now!). However, Edd understands what’s beyond The Wall and feels slightly betrayed by Jon’s decision to leave the Night’s Watch. However, Jon points out that his own Brothers had assassinated him and that he had given up everything. A horn blows and we hear the approach of a new crew at Castle Black.

Jon and Sansa Reunited

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Giving Healthier Lifestyle Blogging A Try

My attempt at a slightly healthier lifestyle. Babysteps

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The last few days I’ve slowly been doing small things to have a healthier lifestyle. It’s no secret that I’m someone who has trouble maintaining himself when it comes to staying on course with dieting and exercise. However, a friend encouraged me to blog about the journey. I figured maybe if I write on a daily basis that it will help motivate me to do something small just to improve myself.

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Trying to Find Balance in My Life

As an engineer living in a city with fairly bad public transportation and an ever increasing expense situation, I find it difficult to maintain myself as years pass. These days there’s little to no protection for employees in truth and the economy has become unstable. So if you get a project that causes you to work ridiculous hours, you’re screwed. How can one deal with such a problem? Find balance in your life.

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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 3 Oathbreaker Review

Open with Jon rising and Ser Davos Seaworth and Melisandre speaking with him about death. Davos’ concern is how it occurred while Melisandre’s concern focuses on what happened after he got stabbed. The experience for Jon is shocking as he tries to understand an impossible scenario, examining his torso where he was stabbed. He’s obviously very scared from the encounter because he now knows that in death there is nothing. It’s final just blackness.

Jon Snow Waking Up

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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 3 Oathbreaker Preview Thoughts

The title to Season 6 Episode 3 implies that someone’s oath will be shattered. Most people will probably think of Brienne of Tarth and/or Jamie Lannister immediately. In the case of Brienne, that is due to her naming of her sword Oathkeeper. However, as with most Game of Thrones episodes, the title attempts to encompass more storylines than just a single character or situation. So what can Oathbreaker mean?

Umber Gift

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