Game of Thrones: What Role Will Trystane Martell Play in Season 6?

There’s a very interesting thread on reddit talking about Trystane Martell’s role. I was about to provide a moderate reply then decided to do a better write up on my blog. The thing is that despite his overall importance in the scheme of things, he wasn’t provided a huge role in season 5 outside of being introduced and given a direction for season 6. So what will possibly follow in the aftermath of episode 10?

Supposedly, the affair between Trystane Martell and Myrcella was one of true love. Since Myrcella had been sent away by Tyrion at an earlier point in time as a way of creating a better bond between the Martells and the Lannisters, we can partly assume that over time the two did, indeed, grow fond of one another. At least from Myrcella’s point of view, this assumption does look fairly true.

What about Trystane’s true feelings for Myrcella? Was it a real relationship? His point of view thus far has been extremely limited. The Dorne story line has been severely cut from the way the books has written and eliminated a few key characters such as Quentyn (whom some believe Trystane might be taking a partial role). In the books, Trystane has not declared his feelings for Myrcella, although their betrothal stands.

However, the plan is for him to partake in the Small Council in replacing Oberyn. With Myrcella dead, that places him in a very precarious position, especially with regards to the overprotective and vengeful Cersei. Yet even if she seeks some form of revenge, she cannot directly nor easily attempt to slay Trystane without severe repercussions from Dorne. Overall, these circumstances place him into a very interesting position.

First, I feel that Trystane might not truly love Myrcella. The primary thing is that Trystane is a Martell and he might and probably is just a sweet talker like Oberyn. He might even be in on the scheme from Ellaria Sand. Doran sending him to King’s Landing is a highly calculated plan and Trystane must realize that he must protect himself now that Myrcella is dead. I doubt he’s foolish and ignorant of politics where he easily allows himself to get assassinated. But he has to be somewhat aware of what’s going on.

Another thing is that despite Cersei having the renewed Mountain in the form of Ser Robert Strong, she still lacks authority as she once had. As we saw in the last episode from Season 5, Kevan Lannister for the time being is acting as the Hand of the King. Pycelle too is still around lurking and I believe holds beef with Qyburn. That leaves Cersei with few supporters, although she might receive one via Jamie. Nonetheless, Kevan is certainly more politically minded than Cersei so he will attempt to mediate the situation to prevent an all out war, especially after the one with the North’s failed rebellion.

Trystane might attempt to play Kevan Lannister for what he’s worth. Kevan certainly is no Tywin but he’s shrewd enough to understand reason and balance when necessary.

Yet I feel that Trystane’s main role in the story will be to act as a messenger/insider to Prince Doran and possibly Ellaria. One theory I have is that he might even have some relationship with one of the Sand Snakes. And I doubt we’ll see the last of them in the show. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them show up in King’s Landing, perhaps with the severely under utilized Nymeria having a greater role in King’s Landing similar to the books.

What the real situation entails though is the utter chaos that looks to be growing in King’s Landing. We have the Faith Militant/Sparrows taking charge, Cersei probably insane, Jamie heartbroken over Myrcella’s passing, the Tyrells having to reclaim their two children in the Black Cells and now Dornish coming to add more fervor to the situation. This combination only can spell disaster.

Still that doesn’t leave Trystane immune from death. His role really has been limited despite his overall importance. But that simply means that when the time is right and he passes, the Dornish can make their final move to rationalize waging war against the Lannisters.

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