Diablo 3: First Impressions of Might of the Earth Barbarian Set

This blog will go over some testing I’ve been doing since acquiring the main pieces to the Might of the Earth Barbarian set. I’m just off by two non-set pieces in the belt and ring that compliment the primary popular build. Instead, I want to go over an alternative build that combines this build with 3 pieces of the Immortal Kings set.

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Diablo 3: Was Whirlwind Barbarian Nerfed Too Hard in Patch 2.4?

I read a few articles on how the popular Whirlwind Barbarian from the previous season/patch was nerfed into the ground, but I didn’t experience the issue until today. I had been working on both a Marauders Demon Hunter (main) and Thorns Crusader up until this point and decided to rebirth my old barbarian to check out some of the changes. Unfortunately, the way the gear dropped for me lead me towards the Wrath of the Wastes set style Whirlwind Barbarian and left me with the following impression.

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Game of Thrones: Will Arya Stark be the One to Kill Cersei Lannister?

In a ritualistic fashion, Arya Stark repeats the names of all the people she intends to gain revenge upon for destroying her family and life. One of the key names on that list is Cersei Lannister. While Arya has not been able to exact vengeance upon everyone on her list, she has managed to scratch a few here and there. With the upcoming Season 6 and in A Dance with Dragons, we anticipate (and see) Arya continuing her training process as an assassin and it’s assumed that her inherent intent is to eventually slaughter the remainder of the people on that list. However, will she be able to nail the Queen or will something else stop her?

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The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Hiring

Recruiters are aidzcancer. They are nothing more than 2nd hand leechers profiting off of companies’ inability or unwillingness to properly screen and locate candidates. Instead, what happens is that you get a bunch of people that companies still have to screen that are marketed to the company for an unreasonable fee. Essentially, they’re legalized pimps. I don’t know about the good people out there, but this method of hiring fucking stinks and I’m going to propose something a little different here.

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Developers are Fucking Retards

At the risk of alienating myself from the development community at large, I want to rant a bit about why I believe developers are fucking retards. As someone in the tech industry for 16+ years and someone who’s been coding for even longer, I’ve seen things go in circles that I had hoped would lead to something profound. Instead, I’ve come to realize that instead of moving forward constantly a lot of the industry goes through it’s Dark Age periods and with the web and mobile, it’s probably at it’s lowest point.

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