The Fly: Movie Review

I never was a horror movie genre fan nor a fan of Cronenberg. In fact, I normally eschew horror and especially Cronenberg since it’s simply not my taste. I do have a fair amount of respect for his work, despite it being, bluntly stated, commonly “gross.” So when I spotted The Fly on HBO Now a few weeks ago, I decided to check it out as it was one of those films that had an iconic 80’s feeling from my memory. Oh boy….

diablo 3

Diablo 3: Uliana Set Build Review

I haven’t written about Diablo 3 in a while mostly because I’ve been busy with work or just flat out playing Diablo 3.  And when I play Diablo 3, I’m mostly adhering to my main guides for the most part. Thus far though, I did not put much effort into the Uliana build in terms of written stuff. Right now, I’m spending some time getting to know the basic play style and wanted to share my thoughts/experiences with this build.

business technology

Twitter Authentication/Connect Useless?

I had to do a project using both Facebook and Twitter authentication for single sign-on. While Facebook had some traction, I found that Twitter was barely in use. Perhaps, less than 0.03% of the users used that feature. After reading some forums early on, I learned that many companies opt not to use Twitter for authentication purposes. This blog analyzes what’s going on here.