Why Twitch Should Allow Everyone to be Partnered

When Twitch started out, the requirement for becoming partnered was pretty high. Those requirements have changed over time and now the barriers to entry is much lower. Still, there is an application and review process in place but I think the terms aren’t that clear for the expectations to become partnered. In addition, another problem exist where people who receive partnership may, for one reason or another, stop streaming for long periods yet retain the subscription button. I believe that the current system in place should be removed in favor of giving everyone a subscription button.

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Frustrating Experiences with Tech Recruiters

Today was a very frustrating day for me as I learned that the job I was applying for ended up getting cancelled and that I was passed over. Now, normally this situation wouldn’t have been so sensitive to me except for the circumstances involving a particular recruiter and agency that I had been using. I want to delve into this experience as well as other issues I’ve had with tech recruiters in the past in the hope that other tech job seekers may find my dealings useful.

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Diablo 3: Ideas on Improving Class Sets

Something that I want to work on in this blog is coming up with some ideas to improve upon class sets. I mentioned previously that I do feel Demon Hunter’s Marauders set is in a good spot overall prior to the nerf and that the real issue is improving upon other sets. Here, I want to try and see what I can come up with in defining the weaknesses in certain sets and ways to compensate.

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Diablo 3: More Futzing Around With Builds

Using the weekend’s experience buff, I decided to hit the old Diablo 3 pretty hard. I managed in the end to hit paragon level 602, not intentionally but it was part of my holiday goals. The other thing I wanted to work on was striving for some better gear, mostly on my Witch Doctor pet build in the hope of landing a Tall Man’s Finger and possibly the much elusive Starmetal Kukri. Thus far, both items remain firmly out of my grasp but I did get a few Christmas presents that let me mess around a little more with a few builds.

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World of Warcraft: More Permabans

It seems that the banhammer is now in full force over at Blizzard. Currently, Sodah (the guild master on the high end PVP guild Im MVP on Tichondrius) as well as Cdew have been added to the permaban list as a result of account sharing. I’ve read various tweets from these streamers/gamers as well as forum posts and reddit threads that dive into the situation. While I stick by my original blog post I made earlier on the permaban subject, I wanted to go into why I believe the severity is pretty heavy here.

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My Ideal Work Environment As A Tech Worker

Companies like Google and Facebook are famous for having some of the best working environments with perks like free meals, free gym, creative work spaces, child care services, pets, etc. Considering that they’ve been noted as being very forward thinking with regards to their company culture, it’s a wonder that other companies, especially those that want to be competitive or even non-tech companies, have not followed suit in comparison. Still, even with such a lavish work environment, are environments like Google or Facebook perfect? If not, how can companies who do not have the luxury of billions of dollars at their disposal compete or even make their work environments attractive to developers?

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