Why Wildstar Died and World of Warcraft Remains Around

One of the biggest hyped games in 2014 was the coming of Wildstar. As usual, the MMORPG community predicted the death of World of Warcraft as another johnny-come-lately made its appearance with a whole set of features that would destroy the perennial MMORPG. And of course, those predictions were wrong. Here’s my thoughts on why Wildstar had failed.

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Amazon Buys (Not Google) for Almost $1 Billion

In a twist that I think has everyone surprised, Amazon has just bought for nearly $1 billion. Originally, it was heavily suspected that Google would be the ones picking up the livestreaming site as Google desperately wants to get into the livestreaming market. provides a very interesting vertical because of the insane amount of traffic it receives, making it a huge value proposition.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

As usual, I know I’m horribly late to the game in writing up a review because I finally have been able to see this movie. Honestly, I had been waiting for sometime to catch Captain America: The Winter Soldier on iTunes and just bought it on HD. Back when the latest X-Men was released, I thought about seeing Captain America at the theater but figured it was a bit late and simply save my money since I intended to buy it anyway. Unfortunately, for myself it took longer than I had hoped.

That said the wait was definitely worth it.