Symfony 2: Installing the Doctrine Migration Bundle on Mac OS Snow Leopard

I learned that the DoctrineMigrationBundle does not come as part of the default Symfony 2 install and that you must manually install it. The documentation for installing it on the main web site is really an oversimplification of what you’ll have to do on a Mac OS Snow Leopard situation as I discovered. In turn, I decided to post this blog to help others that may encounter similar problems.

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Unit Testing: Why Testing for Failures First is Good

As an experienced software developer, I consider myself extremely paranoid and cynical. Well, there’s the world-at-large aspect (which might be a bane to my existence) but there’s the software aspect, where lacking trust of what you develop is a GREAT thing. No matter how complex nor simple of an application or function you can write, the one thing that constantly should badger you is whether or not it works as intended. However, another thing you have to consider is when you think something is working as intended. You have to question even that aspect because there might be nuances that might not really be working. That’s where using failures for testing is helpful.

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Symfony 2 Impressions Thus Far

Although I gave Ruby on Rails a small try a little while back, I ended up not choosing it as my framework for the moment mostly because I felt that there was a double learning curve in familiarizing myself not only with the Rails framework but Ruby as well. I still would like to give Rails a shot another day but for the moment I want to focus on getting a project completed. Of course, I would like to try something new as well which is why I decided to investigate Symfony 2.

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World of Warcraft: Where Blizzard Gets it Right

I’ve been hearing about the restrictions surrounding Final Fantasy 14 and someone I learned how someone I’ve occasionally played World of Warcraft with ended up getting banned for streaming the game to a private set of users. Apparently, even a private stream broke the NDA. But today I heard that the game has further streaming restrictions when it comes to the sound and music. What’s the point?

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Game Design: More MMORPG Ideas

Yesterday, the NDA for Final Fantasy 14 was lifted and I was able to check out Yoni’s stream where she showed how the game operates. Although PVP and end game content are unknowns at this point, the basics of an MMORPG exist where the differences outside of the lore/world are in multi-classing. However, we discussed a bit about how the kill/collect/FedEx guy type of questing hasn’t really changed much and is pretty much a standard in these games. That led me to think about more revolutionary ideas to improve the basics of the MMORPG genre.

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World of Warcraft: Taking Another Break Until Patch 5.4

It’s that time again where I’m feeling the need to step away from World of Warcraft for a few weeks to get my life straightened out a little. But in reality I’m somewhat frustrated with the game. Most of what I do is LFR but it’s just a tedious grind at this point that lacks any substantial rewards. The loot system is particularly atrocious most of the time and pretty discouraging overall.

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World of Warcraft: Pet Battles, Power Leveling Pets and Lesser Charm Farming

A friend of mine provided an invaluable tip that I should’ve done earlier where you take a pet (preferably an aquatic pet like a Strand Crawler), level him to 25 and then power level your other pets using your main as a kind of invincible tank. The Strand Crawler in particular is quite strong in that the shield and heal-over-time ability allows it to survive quite well. The trick here with the Strand Crawler is to focus exclusively on non-flying pets while using the shield and heals to mitigate all damage. I would emphasize even more on locating a good rare (blue) one for really having a high amount of health.

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Gamers Threatening Game Developers

A friend of mine pointed out an article about how gamers are now threatening the lives of game developers. The meat and bones of the article talk about how game developers have occasionally risen to a semi-star like quality in the gaming community. But upon assuming the new found stardom, they also receive notoriety…ironically from the people they are apparently trying to please.

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Diablo 3: Expansion Announced as Reaper of Souls

Blizzard announced yesterday the new expansion for their Diablo 3 series, calling it Reapear of Souls. A new page has been setup for the expansion, including a full trailer and game play. The game is currently set for an unspecific date in 2014 and will include as part of the major content a new act, new class (the Crusader), the enchanter crafter and a new end game that people have wanted in randomized maps.

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