World of Warcraft: And the Numbers Keep Dropping (600,000 Subscribers Gone) and My Fixes

A recent report pegged World of Warcraft’s current subscription base to 7.7 million, which means that 600,000 more subscribers have quit. Back during Cataclysm, Blizzard claimed the decline on China being behind in the release. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case any longer and possibly is a major reason why Viviendi no longer is in love with Blizzard-Activision and is seeking a divorce from them.

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World of Warcraft: The Pros and Cons of Alt-A-Holicism

As someone who has played RPGs for a long time, I’m someone who enjoys trying out different classes to see the difference in game play. In World of Warcraft, they call my style of play Alt-A-Holicism. Maybe some people stigmatize the idea of playing numerous alts, but it has its share of benefits as well as problems. Having fully leveled and geared 10 different alts, I wanted to delve into this topic of Alt-A-Holicism in the context of World of Warcraft and split up the advantages and disadvantages.

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YouTube: Normally Attached Girlfriend Lulz

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I love this video dearly. It hits the nail on the head about relationships in so many ways that it feels almost realistic in some ways. But let me start off by talking about the (in)famous girl in the video, Laina. I stumbled across her picture numerous times in various reddit posts where she had become a meme. Later on, I looked her up to figure out who the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” figure was and discovered her over on YouTube. In an awesomesauce fashion, I found out that she is continuing to produce videos on a consistent weekly basis and has embraced her public figure and turned herself into a comedy act.

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World of Warcraft: Why the Constant Changes for Classes in Each Patch?

Something that has frustrated me for the longest time is the moving target for classes in World of Warcraft. Obviously, this has gone on since the start of the expansion. In some cases, the changes are positive as bugs might be addressed in a patch. However, a lot of the changes in spells, talents, etc. seem pretty unnecessary for the most part. While I tend to blame the vast majority of these issues exclusively on Blizzard’s refusal to split the talent/abilities section between PVP and PVE (as well as the arena players causing a raucous), I do think that once they lay the ground work for classes in an expansion, they should pretty much leave them alone outside of fixing major bugs.

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