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Biggest World of Warcraft Feature Request: Age Based PuGs!

You’ll run into them. The little under age asshole kiddies who have no consciousness about society. Mom and Dad don’t put limits on their computer usage so these little bastards freely troll the game and cause grief to various players, who are just trying to get some gear, play the game and whatnot.

What can we do about this?

I propose that we petition Blizzard to setup a feature for World of Warcraft that will siphon off the disparity between mature players and the kiddies. That feature would be an age based verification system that would be part of the LFR and LFG features in the game. Not everyone in the game is fortunate enough to be part of a guild that either plays at the time they do nor have enough active players. So for the casual player (like myself), trying to organize groups for content can be nearly impossible.

They partly have a feature similar to this when it comes to their guild request feature. However, the feature focuses mostly on the content type, not the type of player. To add more depth to the LFG/LFR tools, I propose having a form with check boxes. The elements in the check box would be as follows:

  • Mature Players
  • Young Players
  • Helpful Types
  • Impatient Type (Go-Go-Go!)
  • Social Type
  • Challenge Type
  • Noob

By having these types and an extra box that slides out when someone hits a “+” type of button, I think that instances will become a far more pleasant experience and cater to the personality of the players. One important part though to make this feature complete would be to connect the age of the player’s account to the first two options. The only way to enable the “Mature Player” option would be for a credit card authorized verification mechanism or by contacting Blizzard’s customer support to verify the player’s age over the phone.


That might seem harsh because obviously not all players might use a credit card and that many probably just pay month-to-month using the pre-paid cards. However, this method pretty much ensures that the player is somewhat responsible. Alternatively, there could be a way for another player to vouch for the player in question, like a friend who already has been classified as “mature” by the system.

Honestly, I don’t see why this should be an unreasonable feature request. I’m really tired of playing with kiddies who show no respect towards anyone. If an adult behaved like this, then they probably have some sort of mental issue. But at least mature players should be able to deal with each other.