Clash of Clans: Raid Weekend and Another TH10 Coming

Raid Weekend is upon us and the end of the season challenges nears  for those who merely use the Gold Pass to accumulate all the rewards like myself. Progress has been slow except for my TH11 because that’s the only account that feels fun (well my latest TH10 too but we’ll get there). I haven’t started up my Capital Raids just yet as I’ve been grinding through the daily reward and quite busy with my professional life recently to be forced to deal with another aspect of the game that just takes up a bit of excess time. I might even avoid this weekend but we’ll see.

I did end up deciding to push another TH9 to TH10 because progress was just too slow and I feel more comfortable doing an all out Zap Dragon attack, complimented by a furious Stone Slammer. There’s less dubiousness when it comes Zap Dragon attacks at TH10 compared to Golems + Witches where you need to train up a variety of troops, spells, etc. to really make TH10 feel doable. So for now, it’s just made a ton of sense to push ahead and have another TH10 join my other ranks. More than likely, I’ll do the same for my 8th account since all the basics are upgraded except for Heroes. I was planning to push my Archer Queen to level 20 but it’s simply taking too long and I feel I can get more value from TH10 along with having more reliable attack.

But that does mean there will be more pressure on my TH13 accounts for training Stone Slammers. But I think I have a pretty good plan for now which is to get TH10, instant complete the Clan Castle so that I can gain access to the Stone Slammer, try to use whatever gems I have for pushing the Lab, upgrade the Lightning Spell and with any excess Elixir, upgrade Dragons. Now, I also need to upgrade the Spell Factory quickly too so that I can get +2 spells, which makes TH10 come together with Zap Dragons. If anything, I still will be able to use Golems + Witches but with a Log Launcher until I can upgrade the Spell Factory.

Then there’s my other two existing TH10s. Those two accounts, I’m spending more time than my TH11 for pushing to the next level. I’m very tempted to upgrade though just so that I can get access to Electro Dragons and the Grand Warden. I can then work on my Heroes, which, except for the Grand Warden, aren’t really necessary at TH11 since Electro Dragons and Lightning Spells can demolish many bases. Plus, as I’ve mentioned in the past, TH11 is one of the best parking spots for fixing rushed bases.

While that’s going on, I still have my two TH13s. My main account is taking forever for anything. I’m trying to complete all the Mortars on that base and am slowly making progress in getting the Tesla traps done. I think I am trying to upgrade my Barbarian King to level 63. Once that’s all done, I’ll probably switch over to Cannons, since I have a lot of TH11 cannons remaining as well as TH12 Archer Towers. There are traps too but those are very low on the priority list. For my other account, I started to upgrade the Workshop. At this point, I really just need another Workshop that can create Log Launchers. I might still use these accounts for the really big donations but my lower level accounts should still be able to provide decent Balloons and Dragons just for the daily donation season achievement points.

Other than that, not much to report on. I’m not really feeling Raid Weekend but might do it later tonight so that I can get more Raid Medals and hopefully be able to upgrade a few defenses. It might take anywhere between 2-3 more weeks before I see the next Clan Capital level but it’s steadily getting there.

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