Clash of Clans: Took A Break Came Back

Decided to take a small break for a day or two since I was feeling burnt out and had been more focused on interviews, getting my tech skills back up and just wanting to do other things. With the latest season challenges, they have the one for doing 5x Clan Raid attacks so I figured it would be a good time to get back into that mix just for the 150 easy season points. By doing that, I managed a nice bit of progress on my Clan Capital and various accounts.

Currently, my Clan Capital has managed to upgrade the three Army Camps to level 2 and the Sneaky Archer and Boxer Giant Barracks up a level. Also, I unlocked the Minion Barracks while starting on the Battle Ram Barracks. I think by next the Clan Capital Raid, I should have the Battle Ram Barracks upgraded. After that, I might continue focusing on barrack upgrades just to push my offense then start rebuilding various defensive ruins. At the moment, I have roughly 70 more buildings to unlock or upgrade before I can upgrade my Clan Capital another level. Overall, I will say having the extra troops helps tremendously as well as a bit more HP and damage.

My TH13 is going steady with almost all my Wizard Towers upgraded. I spent this past week also upgrading the Bomb Towers and started to work on the Tesla. Most likely, I’ll be upgrading those Tesla traps and whatever Air Seeking Mines remain. Since Gold has become a premium resource, I’ve upgraded all my Gold mines and am trying to finish up the Dark Elixir generators. But I’ll probably skip the Elixir generators until I just have enough spare gold and not enough upper tier defenses.

My TH12 account almost feels ready for the TH13. I haven’t decided when to upgrade it but quite possibly I might go for it next week. That way, I can start using another Royal Champion and have another account with Log Launchers. But at this stage, all the Archer Towers are fully upgraded for the level and I’m slowly upgrading the Cannons and remaining traps. My Grand Warden should hit level 40 soon while my Barbarian King is due soon enough for level 55.

Then we have my line of TH10 accounts. Those are in various states of disarray. My main one is focusing on getting the Archer Queen to level 25 and I’ve been pushing the Earthquake spell on all accounts. So far I’ve been having good success on those accounts just because I de-ranked to get easier opponents. One of my accounts is a Gold I which means if I can hit Crystal league, I’ll be able to obtain quite a bit of gems. So I won’t de-rank that one just yet.

My TH9 is struggling so I decided to help that account out with a Gold Pass. It made sense because the cost of buildings, troops, etc. got to the point where it felt worth buying. Now, I have a Rune of Dark Elixir that I can use to eventually upgrade my Heroes and push my Golems to level 4. At the moment, I’m trying to get the Archer Queen on that account to level 15. Having low level heroes at TH9 sucks because you can struggle when you hit near the core of a base and expend all your abilities trying to take down the X-Bows and other central defenses. Afterwards, what ends up happening is that your health might be low and your Golems are pounding away at the remaining Walls. So you want to get your Heroes to around level 20 so that this army of Golems and Witches feel decent. On the bright side, because of this composition, I can donate from my TH10s again.

For my TH8 accounts, I think I might be upgrading them fairly soon. I’ve done a pretty good job with those accounts in terms of getting them reasonably upgraded. I believe they’re finishing up their Mortars and started pushing Archer Towers. I just need to work on some traps and I might be ready to get them to TH9 by next week. Also, I’ve saved up quite a bit of Raid Medals, so I think what I might end up doing is using one batch to get the gold tomorrow and get the star bonus then use up my resources to begin the upgrade. I’ve managed to hold onto a fair amount of Dark Elixir which will be great for getting my Archer Queen to level 5 quickly. If this all works out, I might end up purchasing the season pass just to get the Book of Building to use on the Spell Factory.

At any rate, Monday night (12am) should be interesting just because I’ll have more Raid Medals coming in and I’ll be able start working on my Heroes once again.


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