Clash of Clans: Raid Weekend Aftermath (Rewards)

So I was excited to see what the rewards would be from my first Clan Capital Raid weekend and it turned out to be a whopping 379 Raid Medals (or so). It was half of what I had hoped for but just enough to buy Dark Elixir and has some leftover to save up for next week. So far I only used my medals on a single account as I’m waiting for my Dark Elixir storage units to complete on two other accounts. I will say that at TH9 it’s a pretty big boon.

If I had scored double Raid Medals, I would have used it on my Witch upgrades. Then for my lower level accounts, I’m doing some upgrades there as well for fresh Dark Elixir storage units. Once those are done (and allow me to surpass the 12k limit), I’ll probably end up buying the Dark Elixir so that I can plop down my Barbarian King. Since two of my lower level accounts just hit TH7, I find the Dark Elixir availability to be a huge benefit since the first 5k tends to be a real pain to farm for those just starting out. Also, unlike accounts 3-5, I did not buy the Builder that came with 2k gems. Because of that, I could not easily finish up some upgrades with gems and will be behind for a while until I unlock the 5th Builder. That might take some time although there are a few achievements that provide a huge amount of gems early on. So outside of emergencies, it’s of utmost importance to avoid spending any gems.

But that does bring me to the point that I now have a TH8 and two TH7s to go along with my other accounts. I want to rush through the TH7s but I know that without the 5th Builder it will be slow. Also, having these accounts now at TH7, it means I have access to normal season rewards. Some of it will help but I won’t be making the Gold Pass purchase. I think getting a 5th Builder would be far more important at this stage but at $10, I don’t think it’s worth it with as many accounts as I’m currently running (not without a new job at least)

Oddly with all these new accounts, I’m spending less and less time on my bigger accounts. But I guess that’s not a bad thing since my Builders on those accounts typically are always busy. Either that or I end up spending for an expensive upgrade to not have the resources to start anything else. That doesn’t bother me too much since I prefer having the spare Builder rather than none available. I did manage to start my Grand Warden on my TH12 to level 35 so that made me happy. I’ll probably switch back to my Barbarian King since he’s still only at level 51 on that account. On my TH13, I’m aiming to hit level 14 on my Royal Champion. I’m half way there and I think with two Raid Weekends, I should be able to get pretty close. But I want her to hit level 15 by the end of the season. Then next season I’ll switch back to my Barbarian King since I find him invaluable with the Ice Golem + Witch composition.

One thing I will say is that the current batch of season challenges really sucks. Too much versus crap and bad units. I believe minions are one unit that came up so I might start including them for my TH13 and TH12 since the rest of my army generally destroys my enemy. But on my lower accounts, I’ll have to figure out something. On my TH9, I could just swap out the two Archers that I have with my Golem + Witch + Wizard combo. The Archers right now are just using for handling stuff like stray Builder Huts anyway. Also, Sneaky Archers have been made mandatory. Argh. I probably won’t use those for my TH13 and TH12 since Super Units are enabled too. But what a pain!

At any rate, I’m looking forward to the next Raid Weekend as this cycle closes. I’m hoping that I’ll have the same amount (or more) of Raid Medals. But that will depend on how much harder the next series of bases will be. It still will take me a while before getting my next series of major upgrades so I’m not counting on anything major until Friday.




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