Clash of Clans: First Clan Capital Raid Weekend For Me Done!

I just completed all my offensive attacks for this Capital Raid Weekend. I managed to get down 9 Raids but haven’t seen the results from defending so far. But having 8 accounts really helped me and so far it was a lot of fun. It’s still pretty basic because my Clan Capital is very behind compared to others (most likely) but I got quite a few upgrades, including the Army Camp, the Barracks and some defenses. Next, I’m going to be working on upgrading my defenses as well as unlocking one more section in the Barbarian camp.

One of the slick things about doing these Clan Capital Raids is the nice 150 Season challenge points. That really helped a few accounts as I was able to get a few tiers of progress in my Season perks section. I think at least one account got the Rune of Dark Elixir, which means I’ll have plenty of Dark Elixir to upgrade my Heroes and whatever is left for my Dark Barrack troops. But what I really am looking forward to is seeing how many Raid Medals I get from all of this. I saw a calculation and didn’t give it a go since part of the total Raid Medal calculation takes into account your defense. I only modified one section of the Clan Capital thus far so I doubt that I’ll get much from defending.

But I do hope to get a few hundred Raid Medals just so that I can buy up some resources on my TH9’s to progress my Heroes and upgrade my Witches. If anything, I could just use the Rune of Dark Elixir to finish up my Witches and just use whatever is left over for my Heroes. I saw someone mention they got around 700 Raid Medals from the formula so I’m hoping that I receive a similar amount. I’d probably use that to buy Dark Elixir and/or Builder Base resources. It would be nice if that’s the average amount you can earn per weekend. For my lower level accounts, that would be a godsend since the overall amount doesn’t change between Town Hall levels. Definitely, I would try to rush my Builder Bases with that.

Another thing is that I feel I’ll probably not be able to unlock the next major district for possibly a week or two. I have something like 16 buildings to upgrade or repair and some of those cost a great deal of Clan Capital Gold. Also, what sucks at the moment is that I can’t upgrade stuff like the Army Camps or Barracks because I need to upgrade my Capital Hall to level 3 first. That leaves me gimped for a while. But at the very least I’m able to participate in this.

One thing that I really want to do soon as a result is push my TH6s to TH7. That way they can take advantage of the Dark Elixir if they manage to get good Raid Medals. More than likely I’ll try to advance them both in a day and definitely before the weekend is over. That hopefully will allow me to plop down the Barbarian King quickly. But I will have to grab the Dark Elixir storage and upgrade it fast first.

My hope for the first few Raid Weekends is to accumulate enough of those Raid Medals so that I can progress my Heroes. There’s just so much to upgrade at TH9 that it is a bit overwhelming. But the good news is that a lot of my major defenses are maxing out for that level so gradually, I’ll be able to start sacrificing possibly two Builders to get my Heroes up. But I will probably struggle for a while as I work through the daily Hero push.

One thing I don’t think I’m going to do anymore is use the Forge to convert resources into Capital Gold. I really think that you’re better off just waiting for Raid Weekend to gather Capital Gold unless you have a spare Builder and excess resources that you don’t know what to do with. But if you’re in need of an upgrade for your normal base, there’s no real need to sacrifice the resources. Obviously, in my case, I’m a little more privileged just because all my clan members are me and I can dictate what gets upgraded. But it really feels more like a waste unless you’re in a clan that has an egotistical leader who wants to be on some leaderboard.

Sadly, the Raid Weekend aspect happens pretty quickly. So I’m just going to be waiting for Monday to circle around to see how much I earn from this.

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