Clash of Clans: Started A New Account

After checking out a video on how one can play multiple accounts on a single device, I decided to start a new account. Yes, it’s going to be a pain grinding everything from the bottom all the way up, but I think there’s so many great quality of life changes in place at the moment that it’s worth having. Also, the lower levels aren’t nearly as bad when it comes to the waiting game so I can play this account while my other accounts are busy upgrading.

Right now, I managed to get this account to level 2. The biggest thing I’m eyeing is getting to TH3 sometime today so that I can aim for rebuilding the Clan Castle. What that will allow me to do is join my main clan and receive really high level troops such as a Baby Dragon or Balloons which at this level should decimate my opponents without them having Air Defenses. Also, I’m planning to play this account as Free-2-Play as possible where I intend to dig up gems so I can get my 5 Builders. Not sure if I will be able to manage that but I think at this low level, it’s very possible especially now that I have higher level accounts and can see the really big challenge achievements that give tons of gems.

There’s a couple of strategies I’m looking at for planning this new account. The first is upgrading everything at each level before pushing to the next Town Hall level. I think early on this works because most things are cheap and do not take up much time. The only issue to deal with is patience. Another strategy is to rush this account. I know at higher levels, the old philosophy of “upgrade everything before moving on” no longer really applies. At TH12 and TH13 now, I’ve upgraded a good chunk of my bases but still had pushed forward without any noticeable detriment. In fact, I think it would have hurt more if I had continued doing things like slowly upgrading every single Wall. Since Supercell lowered the Hit Points of Walls, it makes even less sense at higher levels to use this strategy. Not to mention most players at higher levels tend to use troops that can effectively avoid your Walls.

But there’s a third strategy I might try: having a 4th account. I think once this new account gets to say TH6 or so, I might start up yet another account. If I do, I might rush that account as a sort of thought process so that I can catch up quicker to where I need to be. Now, what I mean by “rushing” in that case is that I will upgrade only as much as I need. Not necessarily will I skip every little upgrade but if I can hit, for instance, TH3 right now and not worry about Walls and my last Cannon that I’m working on today, I would do that because I’d much prefer to have access to more storage, resource generators and the Army Camp which will allow me to do more offensive attacks. Not to mention when you start, you get 3 days of a shield, which means you could potentially push your base fast within that time frame to catch up a bit to your higher level accounts.

And again the whole reason for this strategy is to ultimately have enough accounts to push Clan Games and eventually do Wars. I think Wars won’t be happening for a while at least until I can get to TH8-9 on my other accounts. But Clan Games could be doable in a few months once my lower level accounts get better troops and can take out bases. I found that once I had PEKKAs, I was able to take down a LOT of bases. And even before PEKKAs, I could use Dragons. In my case, I’ve got a much better Dragon strategy and combined with a Stone Slammer, I think I should be able to rip apart bases that would have confounded me back in those days. Or I could use Log Launchers with PEKKAs, which would a horrible unfair advantage.

Nonetheless, the reason I’m so excited about this not only is it for the possibilities of things to do and the fresh start, but it was really, really easy. I’ve got another email account that’s lying around waiting to be used so I might employ that for the 4th account. And the thing is that I discovered is that there’s a concept of the starter season. Combining this QoL feature with the removal of troop cost really makes starting a brand new account at this very second totally worth it. Heck, I’m so hyped up now I might just create that 4th account so that I don’t miss out on the season rewards.

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