Boom Beach: Mega Crab Weekend, Current Status and An Idea For New Building

Friday came with a good start to the Mega Crab weekend where I pushed both accounts to grab a LC24. I ended up staying at low levels on the Mega Crab just to not push my resources until my upgrades make a little progress.

Unfortunately, the real problem right now is the slowness for my Armory. I started recently a Cryoneer and Medic upgrade respectively but both take a fair number of days. My main account isn’t a major concern since the bulk of my must-have upgrades are done. But on my secondary account, it’s very painful and I do not have enough Diamonds to finish it off at this moment.

The result is just burning excess resources for Crystal Ore. For my main account, this isn’t a huge deal but it does suck for my secondary account. Luckily, the stuff I need to remaining to be upgraded are just another Medic level, a Shock Bomb and my Critters. It still hurts though since the little amounts can go a long way especially during a weekend like this.

I am pleased to say though that my first row of LCs are now 24 (or at least the last one is in progress). Now, I can switch to getting my Gunboat maxed out as I accumulate resources this weekend. I’m hoping by the end of the weekend, my main account will have enough for a maxed out Gunboat. That will leave October to push the remaining LCs to 24, which may not be that bad.

As I was plodding along this week on my secondary account, I started upgrading the newer defenses. Those are fairly cheap and good to upgrade in between the really big upgrade days. They aren’t really useful at this moment outside of a distraction during Hammerman Strikes Back but might make a small difference in the future.

At any rate, as I was burning through excess Gold, I started to think about the possibility of a new building for HQ25. I figured at least we might get either a new Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher. But those don’t make for very compelling additions compared to a slight change to the core game.

So the result was coming up with the Troop Attribute building (for lack of a better term). Similar to the Prototype Defense building, the Troop Attribute building has a few levels that provides different configurations of troop enhancements. The troop enhancements themselves would be based on the Fire Islands perks such as Life Leech, Movement Speed boosts, Medic Healing, etc.

These enhancements would be bought with Gold for a week and would be more deterministic than the island perks. In that manner, you can get a potentially useful boost if the islands give nothing. Now, the power level of these abilities would be determined by the building level itself. So I imagine a level 1-3 just the Prototype Defense.

Now, the last part might be a bit controversial. I was considering that these abilities can be chosen in three’s. So you might get something like a tank defense boost with life leech and medic boost. And these would be stackable with island perks.

I’m sure some people will cry that the idea is too OP. However, this is a trade off for adding a few more defenses to go along with a HQ25. Like I want to have another Landing Craft. But if you’re a Scorcher player, you might not be able to fully utilize it because of the cost in energy. So an attribute perk might be a percentage reduction to energy cost.

Some other scenarios would be a life leech for Mechs since Medics, I’ve heard, have issues in proximity as Mechs are very close range. Or maybe Bombardiers can have splash damage added as an attribute.

The idea is to allow for other metas to come into play and be adjusted towards the player’s style. I think as long as we can continue to upgrade HQs, it’s important to allow troops to have meaningful compensation.

And the way you keep this semi-balanced is just to make the cost fairly high. It helps with a new way for sinking ones gold into something useful and allows for a new way to play the game.


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