Lifestyle: Dealing With An Itchy Couch

I bought a couch in 2005 that has served me well. Usually though, around this time of the year as the seasons grow dryer and mold starts to set in, I’ve found that I get horrible rashes and itches. Part of the culprit appears to be my couch since it’s old and the material probably has collected a lot of dirt, body particles/oil, mold and other bits of nastiness. Although I intend to find a cleaner to handle some of the issue, a quick I found was using a comforter and blanket.

A friend of mine mentioned that for his couch (while not of the same type) he used a couch cover. Without having to spend yet more money for something that might even be the right size or type for my couch, I decided to wash some blankets and a large comforter that really needed some cleaning. The result? Feels so good!

My skin is extremely sensitive to dust, heat and various materials. Yet just having a clean comforter and blanket have made an immediate impact. Now, I know for some people it might seem self-evident but I’m you regular guy type who has been trying to figure this common sense stuff out for a while. Little things like this for bachelors might come in handy, especially for those people whose families did a poor job of taking care of their homes.

For those wondering why I only know have started to clean my comforters and blankets, the thing is that I have a dubious washer/dryer combo unit at my apartment that has plagued me. It came with the apartment complex so I couldn’t really choose the make/model. But on a few occasions, the washer jammed (not to mention the person two floors above busted their unit that caused a ceiling leak above my unit). On top of that, I’ve had to deal with extremely tiny washer units in the past that were not merciful to my blankets and comforters. So today I managed to successfully test out handling the ones that could fit.

The great thing overall though is that this simple change will certainly have a positive effect on me since I spend the majority of my day on my couch. At least going forward, I’ll be able to have a clean feeling in addition to a fresh scent as opposed to the constant itch I had been feeling for a while.

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